• Discover your markets.

    Finding customers is easy if you know where to look.

  • Target with precision.

    Engaging the right customers turns insights into revenue.

  • Predict success.

    Your current customers can show you how to win new ones.

The Marketing Intelligence Platform

Hundreds of marketers — including Fortune 500 leaders — leverage insights on over 20 million businesses with Radius' integrated, cloud-based software to make data-driven marketing decisions.

Radius knows your best customer segments


As a marketer, focusing on what works and eliminating what doesn’t is incredibly important to building a successful marketing machine.

By connecting your CRM to Radius, you can instantly visualize where you’ve historically had success and identify the top market segments to pursue next. Radius surfaces in-depth signals that go beyond industry category with social media activity, web presence, advertising spend and more, so that you can reach the small audience with the small message.

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Radius gives you new prospects to pursue


Instead of buying lead lists or waiting for the perfect inbound campaign, use Radius to focus your marketing investments on reaching prospects that are likely to say "Yes".

Tap into the Radius Index, our proprietary machine-generated data set of 20+ million US businesses to easily identify new prospects that look identical to your best customers. With real-time CRM integrations, you’ll skip unproductive IT operations like deduping so that you can focus on acquiring customers and tracking your performance.

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Get smart about the hidden ROI in your CRM


Pressured to improve ROI for each campaign? Inbound leads with incomplete profiles decaying in your CRM? Missing insights because reports lack key data points?

Radius gives you the data, bandwidth, and tools to capitalize on hidden opportunities in your CRM. Segment prospects and customers within your CRM by hundreds of external data signals to run laser-targeted campaigns, re-engage won and lost customers, and create comprehensive reports – all without complex data projects.

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It’s time for smart data-driven marketers


Instead of hiring a data science team and toying with disparate solutions like predictive lead scoring, data cleansing software or external data sets, use a data-powered software platform that helps you make smarter decisions about your customers, business prospects, and marketing campaigns.

The Radius marketing intelligence platform is the only vertically integrated software solution that connects to your CRM to empower B2B marketers with data and insights to reach your next customers.

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