Trailer tracking to manage your fleet

Monitor the location of your trailer fleet

Protect against trailer theft and asset loss

Maximise trailer utilisation

A trailer tracking solution for your business

Gain trailer fleet visibility

With trailer tracking, your fleet manager and team can monitor the location of trailers, improving utilisation.

Protect against trailer loss

Ensure no trailer is lost, after being left and forgotten. Ensure the location of these valuable assets is known at all times.

Counter vehicle theft and aid asset recovery

With GPS tracking, you can be alerted to unexpected trailer movement, and in the event of a theft, keep track of trailer location.

Improve customer experience

By understanding the location and status of your fleet of trailers, you can deploy assets where they are needed, responding to the needs of your customers.

Why Radius offers the best trailer tracking solutions

Our trailer tracking system is the ideal solution to monitor the location of your fleet. Live tracking gives fleet managers the information they need to understand trailer utilisation, see the status of trailer assets, and make informed operational decisions.

The Kinesis platform from Radius gives you the GPS trailer tracking software you need to manage your business, and protects you against asset misuse and vehicle theft. Live tracking will aid the recovery of the stolen trailer. Our trailer tracking solution helps you understand trailer utilisation to maximise return-on-investment from these valuable assets.

Based on your requirements, we will provide the best GPS trailer tracking device for you and your business. With a range of options available, our Kinesis platform gives you the tools you need to drive operational efficiency, improve security and maximise trailer utilisation.

How does trailer tracking work?

Trailer tracking uses global position system (GPS) location data to log the location of your trailer fleet, with a GPS trailer tracker installed on each trailer. The GPS device sends location data periodically to our Kinesis trailer tracking software, where you can view the location of of each trailer asset on our Live Map view.

In addition to a trailer's current location, you can also view historical locations, set up alerts based on movements into and out of specific locations, and access a range of reports to aid fleet management.

Through the use of trailer tracking, fleet managers are empowered with the information they need to manage your fleet, and meet the demands of your customers. In addition, the security of your fleet is improved, with your team notified of unexpected movement, and location tracking assisting with the recovery of a stolen trailer should a theft occur.

Unloading a HGV at a warehouse

Key features of a trailer tracking system

Through our Kinesis system, you can access a range of trailer tracking features, including:

Real-time GPS tracking: Provides precise location data for each trailer.

Geofencing capabilities: Allows users to set geographical boundaries and receive alerts when trailers enter or exit these areas.

Historical location data: Offers access to historical location data.

Alerts and notifications: Receive instant alerts for specific events such as unauthorised movement.

Reporting: Access detailed reports on trailer usage, location history, and more for data-driven decisions.

Temperature monitoring: For refrigerated trailers, monitor and report on temperature in real-time to ensure cargo integrity.

Mobile app: Monitor and manage your trailer fleet on-the-go.

HGV truck and trailer at a distribution centre
Product benefits

The advantages of trailer tracking to your business

Real-time location tracking

Offers immediate visibility of trailer locations, enhancing fleet management and operational efficiency.

Theft prevention and recovery

Increases the chances of recovering a stolen trailer by monitoring precise location data, significantly reducing potential losses.

Improved asset utilisation

Enables better scheduling and use of trailers, ensuring that assets are not left idle unnecessarily, maximising profitability.

Enhanced route optimisation

Facilitates more efficient route planning, reducing fuel consumption, and improving delivery times.

Increased security for cargo

Helps in monitoring and ensuring the safety of cargo during transit, reducing the risk of loss or damage.

Automated inventory management

Simplifies the process of keeping track of trailer inventory, saving time and reducing errors in asset management.

Reduced operational costs

By optimising routes, improving trailer utilisation, and reducing theft, GPS tracking can significantly lower operational expenses.

Compliance with regulations

Assists in ensuring compliance with various transportation and safety regulations, avoiding fines and penalties.

Improved customer service

Provides accurate ETAs and real-time location information to customers, enhancing satisfaction and trust in your service.

Software that's easy to access and simple to use

Our trailer tracking software, Kinesis, provides a comprehensive solution for efficient fleet tracking and fleet management. With real-time tracking, geofencing, and reporting, Kinesis offers the tools to optimise trailer operations for fleet operators.

Integrated with Google Maps, you can monitor trailer location, view location history, and be notified of movement into and out of specific locations. Access a range of reports for informed decision-making.

Maximise utilisation, make informed decisions, and improve safety and security with Kinesis.

Effective trailer tracking devices for location monitoring

At Radius, we offer a range of GPS tracking devices, covering all the on-highway and off-highway equipment tracking needs of your business. For trailer tracking, we can provide a simple battery powered GPS asset tracking device that can be self-installed, or a dedicated trailer GPS tracker.

Our team will work to understand your specific needs and requirements, to ensure the trailer tracking solution we deliver gives you the tools you need for effective trailer fleet management.

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