Company car tracking to optimise fleet operations

Gain fleet visibility with effective car tracking

Improve driver safety and habits

Protect against vehicle theft and aid stolen vehicle recovery

Car tracking solutions to drive your business

Gain visibility of your car fleet

With a GPS tracking system, you can view the real time location of company car vehicles, and review past journeys and routes.

Reduce operating costs

Maximise fuel consumption, cut wasted mileage and reduce vehicle wear and tear.

Improve driver safety

Track driver behaviour and encourage the development of safe driving practices. Incentivise drivers for good performance.

Enhance security

Aid the recovery of a stolen vehicle, and be alerted to unexpected movement of vehicles fitted with a GPS car tracking system.

Why Radius offers the best company car tracking solutions

With a GPS vehicle tracker installed, and access to our Kinesis software, you can take advantage of real time tracking of your fleet of cars, as well as comprehensive insights into driver behaviour, historical journeys and routes, and other fleet management data.

Featuring a simple, effective and robust car tracker device that is simple to install and set up, our GPS tracking system offers you the ultimate control. Our Kinesis car tracking system is accessible from anywhere. From your desk or out on the road via our tracking app, you can stay connected to your car fleet at all times. This will enable you to make decisions based on accurate location information.

Gain a clear understanding of current and past locations of your cars, as well as how safely they are being driven, through our intuitive and efficient tracking features.

How do company car trackers work?

Our GPS car tracking system provides your fleet manager with unparalleled control over your car fleet. Utilising a GPS tracker device, this technology enables real time monitoring of vehicle location, speed, fuel levels, and driver behaviour.

By integrating our system, fleet management personnel can optimise operations, increase efficiency, maximise vehicle utilisation, and enhance safety. Our innovative car tracking system also enhances security, protecting valuable assets for peace of mind.

Thousands of businesses trust our cutting-edge technology for seamless fleet management and performance optimisation.

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Features of GPS tracking for company cars

Our car tracking solutions offer a range of features to support effective fleet management and business operations.

Real-time location tracking: Our system integrates seamlessly with Google Maps, giving you a live map view that shows the exact whereabouts of your car fleet at any given time.

Journey history: Get detailed information about past journeys and the routes taken. Analyse the data and make informed fleet management decisions.

Estimated time of arrival (ETA): Our system provides precise information about when a vehicle is expected to reach a destination. This enables better planning and improved customer service.

Geofence functionality: You can set up geofences to monitor specific areas and receive alerts in case any of your cars enter or leave these locations. This helps prevent vehicle theft and aid stolen vehicle recovery.

Driver behaviour monitoring: Our GPS car tracking system allows you to track and evaluate driver behaviour, promoting safer driving practices and reducing the risk of accidents. This can lead to lower insurance premiums and improved fleet safety.

Detailed reporting: Access a wide range of reports that provide valuable insights into your fleet's performance. These reports can help you identify areas for improvement, optimise routes, and enhance operational efficiency.

Fleet grouping: Organise your cars into different teams or groups for easier management and monitoring. This feature allows you to focus on specific subsets of your fleet and streamline your operations accordingly.

Mileage tracking: Keep track of private and professional mileage for tax and reporting purposes. This feature simplifies mileage calculations and ensures accurate record keeping.

Fuel consumption: Cut wasted mileage and ensure good driving practices to optimise fuel consumption, saving your business money.

Key benefits of car tracking for fleet management

Enhanced fleet effectiveness

By utilising car tracking, companies can effectively oversee and enhance their fleet operations. This is achieved through real-time tracking and historical visibility, leading to heightened productivity and efficiency. This encompasses route optimisation and improving fuel consumption.

Improved security

With a car tracker in place on your vehicles, you can enhance security by effectively monitoring real time vehicle location. In case of vehicle theft or unexpected usage, this aids vehicle recovery and improves the likelihood of identifying those responsible.

Theft protection

The presence of a tracking device acts as a deterrent against theft, as potential thieves are less likely to target vehicles equipped with car tracking devices. In the unfortunate event of a vehicle theft, the tracking system facilitates stolen vehicle tracking, aiding the recovery of the vehicle and minimising potential losses.

Driver behaviour monitoring

Analysing data from our systems enables businesses to monitor driver behaviour, such as speeding, harsh braking, and excessive idling. This valuable information allows companies to implement corrective actions, offer driver coaching, and encourage safer driving habits. As a result, this approach can lead to a decrease in accidents and lower insurance premiums.

Improved customer service

With a GPS system in place, businesses can keep customers informed when it comes to the status and location of their vehicles, ahead of planned visits or deliveries. This transparency builds trust, enhances the customer experience, and improves service reliability.

Cost savings

By examining the information gathered by a car tracking system, companies can pinpoint opportunities for saving money. This includes streamlining routes to decrease fuel usage, minimising idle time, and preventing vehicle damage by scheduling proactive maintenance.

Cut wasted mileage and time

A GPS tracking system gives your fleet manager the tools they need to identify wasted mileage, optimise use of resources, and cut unnecessary costs, all whilst improving customer service, fleet safety and operational efficiency.

Insurance benefits

Many insurance providers offer discounts for vehicles equipped with a global positioning system tracking device. By demonstrating a proactive approach to preventing vehicle theft, aiding stolen vehicle recovery, and improving driver safety, businesses can negotiate lower insurance premiums.

Smart, informed decision making

Our car tracking system provides valuable data on vehicle and driver performance. This data empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimise operations, enhance efficiency, and pinpoint areas for further improvement (for example, identifying opportunities for EV transition).

A vehicle tracking system that's easy to use

For fleet tracking, you need a platform designed around for your needs. Our vehicle tracking solutions are powered by our cloud-based Kinesis platform, providing convenient access to efficient fleet management.

With our map view, seamlessly integrated with Google Maps, you can track all your vehicles in real-time when equipped with a car GPS tracker. Additionally, our system allows you to review past journeys and routes taken by your fleet.

Take advantage of geofences to monitor specific locations, access driver behaviour information to enhance safety, and utilise a variety of reports to support your fleet management. Kinesis equips you with the necessary tools to boost productivity, minimise expenses, and enhance safety.

Company car tracking made easy

When it comes to ensuring you have the right tracking unit in place, Radius has you covered. We offer a selection of GPS car tracker units to cater to all of your requirements. You need to know the car tracking device in your vehicles will support your operations.

Each GPS tracking device available can be installed by you, with the tracking unit powered either by the car battery, or by connecting the car tracker to the ODB port in the vehicle - which offers the added advantage of collecting additional data, such as odometer readings.

Self-installation ensures you can get up and running quickly, and both the battery powered and ODB port options are simple processes, with detailed instructions provided.

Alternatively, we can arrange for a professional engineer to install the appropriate GPS car tracker, for a small additional cost.

When supplying the GPS car tracker for your fleet vehicles, we will take the time to understand your tracking needs so the unit delivers everything you need.

Optimise fuel consumption with fuel cards

Radius provides a comprehensive solution for businesses to manage fuel consumption efficiently, minimising costs and maximising profitability. Our array of fuel cards offer exclusive rates at fuel stations, simplify fleet fuel payments, and provide valuable data and analysis on fuel expenditure.

With our seamlessly integrated car tracking and fuel card solutions, you can verify the presence of your fleet vehicles at the time of fuel card usage, gain in-depth insights on MPG (miles per gallon), and effortlessly compare fuel consumption with mileage covered.

Tracking for mixed fleets

Our comprehensive range of tracking devices caters to the needs of businesses with a diverse fleet consisting of various types of vehicles. Whether you require van tracking, car tracking, HGV tracking, or even EV tracking, our GPS tracking system provides the same outstanding features and benefits.

Furthermore, our asset tracking solutions extend coverage further to include essential equipment and off-highway machinery.

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