EV tracking to optimise electric vehicle performance and efficiency

Gain location visibility with effective fleet tracking

Enhance van security and fleet safety

Monitor and improve driver behaviour

Electric van on charge

EV tracking solutions to drive your business

Achieve fleet transparency

By implementing an EV tracking system, gain real-time and historical insights into the location of your electric vehicle fleet.

Minimise operational expenses

Optimise energy consumption, reduce unnecessary mileage, and decrease wear and tear on your EVs, leading to cost savings.

Promote driver safety

Monitor driver behaviour, encourage safe driving practices, and incentivise drivers for maintaining excellent performance.

Enhance vehicle security

Receive instant notifications to your fleet manager in the event of any unexpected EV movement and prevent misuse or theft of electric vehicles.

Why Radius offers the best electric vehicle tracking

Our advanced EV tracking system boosts fleet management for electric vehicles. With real-time location insights, driver performance monitoring, and streamlined operations, our solution provides the control you need.

Using our user-friendly vehicle tracker devices and the Kinesis system, access critical data and stay connected to your entire electric fleet from anywhere. Gain visibility into EV locations, routes, and usage patterns with our simplified electric vehicle fleet tracking solution.

How do EV trackers work?

EV tracking utilises GPS tracker technology to enable real-time monitoring of electric vehicle fleet location and movement. By connecting electric vehicles to an EV tracking system, you can easily track their precise location at any given moment. Additionally, you can monitor crucial vehicle information such as speed, battery charge, and driver behaviour.

Implementing an EV tracking system empowers fleet managers to deliver effective fleet management, enhancing operational efficiency, optimising vehicle utilisation, ensuring safety, and bolstering vehicle security. This level of tracking capability provides invaluable insights for efficient management of electric vehicle fleets.

Key features of EV tracking

Our EV tracking includes all of the important features and functionality you need to run your fleet operations.

With a tracking device installed on your EV fleet, here are some of the features available to you:

Real-time location tracking with integrated Google Maps

Detailed journey history and route analysis

Accurate estimation of arrival times (ETAs)

Geofencing capabilities to protect against theft

Instant alerts for movement into and out of designated areas

Monitoring and analysis of driver behaviour for improved safety

Access to a wide range of performance reports for deeper insight into your fleet

Ability to create groups for customised monitoring and management

Mileage tracking for tax and expense management

Enhanced operational efficiency and cost savings

Streamlined route optimisation and resource allocation

Know when your drivers are connected to a charger

Data-driven decision-making for improved fleet performance

Competitive advantage in the evolving electric vehicle industry.

EV tracking benefits for business

Improved fleet efficiency

Our systems enable businesses to monitor and optimise their EV fleet operations, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. By utilising live tracking and historical views, businesses can optimise routes, reduce idle time, and improve charge consumption efficiency.

Enhanced security

EV tracking provides an added layer of security by enabling real-time monitoring and tracking of vehicles. This helps businesses recover stolen vehicles quickly and increases the chances of apprehending the culprits, enhancing overall security.

Theft protection

Our tracking solutions act as a deterrent against theft, making it less likely for thieves to target EV vehicles equipped with tracking devices. In the event of a theft, the tracking system facilitates the recovery of the vehicle, minimising potential losses.

Driver behaviour monitoring

Monitor driver behaviour, including speeding, harsh braking, and excessive idling. This data allows businesses to take corrective measures, provide driver coaching, and promote safer driving habits, leading to reduced accidents and lower insurance premiums.

Improved customer service

With EV trackers installed, businesses can provide accurate and real-time updates to customers regarding the status and location of their deliveries. This transparency builds trust, enhances customer satisfaction, and improves service reliability.

Cost savings

By analysing data provided by an EV tracking system, businesses can identify areas for cost savings. This includes optimising routes to reduce battery consumption, minimising idle time, and scheduling proactive maintenance to reduce vehicle wear and tear.

Cut wasted mileage and time

Our systems help fleet managers identify wasted mileage, optimise resource utilisation, and cut unnecessary costs. This improves customer service, fleet safety, and overall operational efficiency.

Insurance benefits

Many insurance providers offer discounts for vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems. By demonstrating proactive measures to prevent vehicle theft, aid in stolen vehicle recovery, and improve driver safety, businesses can negotiate lower insurance premiums, resulting in long-term cost savings.

Data-driven decision making

Collect a wealth of data on EV vehicle and driver performance. By leveraging this data, businesses can make informed decisions to optimise their operations, improve efficiency, and identify additional electrification opportunities.

Software that's easy to access and simple to use

When it comes to fleet tracking, you want a telematics platform that's built around you. Our vehicle tracking solutions are delivered through our cloud-based Kinesis platform, giving you easy access to effectively manage your electric vehicles.

Our map view, integrated with Google Maps, gives you live tracking of all vehicles with an electric vehicle tracking device fitted. The system also allows you to playback journeys, to see where your EVs were in the past and routes they travelled.

Set up geofences to monitor specific locations, view driver behaviour information to improve driver safety, and access a range of reports that support your fleet management. Kinesis gives you the tools you need to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety.

Electric vehicle tracking devices

At Radius, we offer a variety of GPS tracker devices all of which fit both ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles and EV vehicles with no difference in the installation process. These trackers are suitable for your needs and can be easily installed either by yourself or by a professional engineer.

Our self-install EV tracking devices are powered by the vehicle battery or connected to the vehicle's ODB port, allowing them to gather additional data.

Rest assured that we will provide a GPS tracker that is tailored to your EV tracking solution requirements and preferences. With EV sales and electric vehicle adoption on the rise, Radius is equipment to support your transition to an electric fleet future.

Take advantage of electric vehicle charge cards from Radius

Optimising energy consumption is crucial for businesses looking to maximise the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their electric vehicle fleet. At Radius, we provide a range of hybrid fuel and charge cards, that help with expense management when it comes to powering your fleet, regardless of fuel type.

Using of our hybrid fuel and charge cards, you gain additional insight in your EV fleet's charging and energy usage. By combining this with electric vehicle tracking, you can review each charging session to against routes travelled, as well as verify the usage of your charge card against vehicle location.

Track metrics such as battery level, energy consumption, and charging duration, through your partnership with Radius.

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