Vehicle cameras for businesses and fleets

See what your drivers see with a full range of dash cams and vehicle camera systems.

Defend your business against false insurance claims

Improve the safety of your drivers on the road

Early notification of potential accidents on the road

The best dash cam solutions for your business

Reduce accidents

Camera footage can be used to identify drivers that display poor driving behaviour. You can train your drivers so they operate in a safer manner which reduces accidents, disruption and cost to your business..

Cheaper insurance

Clear camera footage of road incidents and accidents can help determine which party is at fault, with high video quality that can capture a number plate, this can help reduce commercial fleet insurance costs significantly.

Driver safety

Drivers using vehicles fitted with cameras benefit from increased levels of security and confidence. Visible cameras on a vehicle's rear or windshield, can act as a deterrent against hostile actions against the driver or their vehicle.

Eliminate fraud

Accurate, HD-video quality camera footage can provide evidence that clearly establishes incident facts. This helps protect businesses against false claims.

Vehicle camera solutions for all business needs

Replaying footage taken from a dashcam
Forward facing cameras

Our compact 'Uno' front- facing dash cams gives clear HD footage. Connected to the 4G network, they provide fast remote footage download in the event of an incident.

Forward facing dashcam
Forward and driver facing cameras

Our 'Duo' dash camera system monitors the road ahead while also recording the driver with a rear-facing camera. This improves driving safety standards and supports evidence for insurance accident claims.

Parked HGV at a warehouse
Multi-cam systems

Our 'Multi' camera systems ensure important areas around your vehicles are visible and recorded. This gives your drivers a full 360 degree view of pedestrians and other road users with front, side and rear camera which can be positioned at the back of the vehicle or facing out the rear window.

Product benefits

Key features and benefits

Defend your business against false insurance claims

Use remotely downloaded dash cam footage, vehicle GPS tracking and speed information to get a clear picture of any incident.

Improve the safety of your drivers on the road

Detailed information and league tables of driver behaviour, supported with dash camera footage, tachograph and information from CANBus systems give you the complete picture.

Always connected to your vehicles

Wherever you are, laptop, tablet and mobile access to the software allows you to see recorded camera footage while on the go.

Early notification of potential accidents on the road

All our vehicle tracking solutions feature First Notification of Loss (FNOL) alerts; if there is a suspected incident you can quickly view your dash cam footage and inform your insurer. Alternatively we can alert them on your behalf.

Reduce your fleet and asset insurance costs

Reduce vehicle wear and tear by improving driving behaviour and using dash cam footage as proof of fault for incident management.

Industries we help

Crystal clear HD footage

Our dash cams are tailored for commercial vehicles, catering to various industries. They excel at capturing high-quality video, with a high frame rate, ensuring that every incident on the road is recorded accurately. No matter the time of day or the weather conditions, our dash cams guarantee crystal-clear footage that can capture a number plate with precision.

A businessperson looking at a computer screen

Utilise dash cams as part of your fleet management

Our web-based tracking software offers a user-friendly experience, packed with a variety of features to cater to your specific needs. With our software, you can easily access and manage the recorded footage from your dashboard camera, including the rear cam footage, providing a comprehensive view of your surroundings. Whether you're a fleet owner or manager who often works remotely, our software is designed to meet your requirements. It also comes with a mobile app for convenient accessibility.

Choose from two different software platforms. Kinesis for essential vehicle tracking with GPS tracking and camera solutions or Kinesis Pro for more advanced telematics solutions and integrations with enhanced functionality, like CANbus, remote tachograph downloads, cold chain temperature monitoring and much more.

Watch video footage instantly, from anywhere

With our dash cams, you can conveniently retrieve your video footage even while your vehicles are on the move. Experience exceptional video quality and take advantage of enhanced functionality. Equipped with motion detection, our dash cams are designed to identify instances of dangerous driving or accidents and automatically start recording.

What sets our Radius telematics range apart from traditional dash cams is the ability to remotely download video footage. No more trips to the depot to upload data from your SD card or memory card. Simply select the desired date and time, request the footage on your device, and access it from anywhere. Capture everything from the front, side and rear cam with HD dash cam footage that will capture a vehicles number plate.

Leading the way with technology

Radius AI

A driver approaching a zebra crossing while its raining
Pedestrian AI

Intelligently detects pedestrians and cyclists surrounding both sides and rear of a vehicle with motion detection.

The Pedestrian AI feature helps significantly reduce driving accidents caused by blind spots by using technology to detect when vulnerable users are in areas of risk within three zones around the vehicle using front and side cameras as well as a rear dash cam.

A camera from Radius provides real-time high frame rate HD video footage and audio alarm in-cab to alert drivers to potential dangers.

A driver yawning while driving their vehicle

Driver Distraction AI

The GPS tracking dash cam using motion detection intelligently captures driver motion. It records distractions such as tiredness, phone calls, and smoking using the rear dash cam.

The Driver Distraction AI feature transmits data to fleet managers, providing real-time alerts and improving driver safety. This can prevent your driver from becoming distracted and having an accident out on the road.

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