Empower your fleet with a telematics device

Real-time insights and analytics

Data on drivers, vehicles and valuable assets

Enhances driver safety through monitoring and feedback mechanisms

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Take control with a telematics device

Enhanced safety

Telematics devices can monitor driver behaviour in real-time, promoting safe driving practices and potentially reducing accidents.

Cost savings

By providing insightful vehicle data into fuel consumption and maintenance needs, telematics devices can help decrease overall fleet expenses.

Improved efficiency

Telematics devices streamline fleet management by offering real-time vehicle tracking, enabling better route planning and resource allocation.

Insurance benefits

By demonstrating proactive measures to prevent vehicle theft and river safety, businesses can negotiate lower businesses insurance premium.

Telematics devices from Radius

Radius offers simple yet effective solutions to support fleets. Our telematics devices provide intuitive features that are essential for fleet management and vehicle tracking. Prioritising mobility and efficiency, Radius telematics devices can elevate your operation.

Our accompanying mobile app allows fleet operations to be managed on the go, providing access to data from tracking vehicle diagnostics and fuel consumption to monitoring driving behaviour. Fleet managers looking to optimise operations and prioritise driver safety consistently choose Radius for telematics solutions.

How does a telematics device work?

Telematics devices utilise advanced technology and components to collect and analyse data. Incorporating GPS tracking and connectivity makes it easy to monitor various aspects of vehicle performance and use, and driver behaviour.

The data collection process involves tracking information such as speed, acceleration, braking, and location, and taking data from the vehicle itself via an ODB connection.

This data is then transmitted to a telematics system for analysis, where it can be used by a fleet manager, business owner, or other teams, to monitor operational performance and make fleet management decisions.

Vehicle telematics systems ultimately turn the data into meaningful information, helping you to drive ROI from each fleet vehicle, meet customer demand, and run safer operations through improving your fleets driving score.

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Key features of a telematics device

A telematics device encompasses various components that work together to gather and analyse data related to fleet vehicle performance and driver behaviour. Some of the typical components found in a telematics device include:

Accelerometer: This sensor detects changes in velocity, enabling the device to measure acceleration, deceleration, and turns.

GPS receiver: The Global Positioning System receiver tracks the vehicle's location in real-time, providing data on speed, distance travelled, and routes taken.

Onboard diagnostics system: This system taps into the vehicle internal computer network, collecting data on engine performance, fuel consumption, error codes, and fault notifications.

Battery: For fleet telematics, the GPS tracking device will most likely use the vehicle as a power source. But for asset tracking applications, where an asset could be non-powered, an internal battery is used.

4G integration : Our camera systems have 4G integration allowing you to remotely download and view recorded footage from wherever you are, without having to remove any SD memory card or plug in your device.

Benefits of telematics devices

Protect drivers

Telematics devices enhance driver safety and behaviour, reducing accidents and risky driving habits like harsh braking and speeding.

Improved security 

They improve security by monitoring fleet vehicle location and sending alerts for unauthorised movements.

Reduce fleet maintenance, fuel and operational costs

These devices promote cost savings through better fuel consumption management and proactive maintenance practices.

Detailed information on vehicle performance and activity

Fleet operators can access to vehicle diagnostics data helps in maintaining vehicles for longer operational life.

Reduce your fleet and asset insurance costs

Telematics devices may lead to reduced insurance premiums for safe drivers in usage-based insurance programs.

Optimise the usage of vehicles

Vehicle telematics system provide fleet managers with real-time insights to streamline routing and improve operational planning.

Fitting your telematics device


Self-installation, which consists of attaching the device to your vehicle without professional assistance, and used for fleet telematics and telematics car insurance, offers convenience and cost savings. For fleet telematics technology we offer two types of easy-install telematics devices that facilitate vehicle tracking, that fit either to the battery of the fleet vehicle, or via the ODB port to achieve a CAN connection. The advantage of the ODB option is that you can capture driving data from the vehicle itself, in addition to GPS tracking for location data.


Professional installation is another option, used primarily for fleet telematics and complex telematics systems involving additional products. This option ensures accurate placement and proper integration with the fleet vehicle and its system, but this is likely to incur an additional cost, beyond the device itself. At Radius, we offer hardwired devices that will give you a deeper insight into your fleet than a self-install device, such as access to tachograph data and setting up driver ID.

What type of device do you need for your fleet?

At Radius, you can find a range of solutions, including vehicle tracking, asset tracking, and vehicle cameras. Each device boasts distinct features that can enhance fleet operations and deliver valuable telematics data. The choice of devices or a combination can be decided by the fleet's size, the crucial telematics data for managers, and the desired level of fleet security.

If the decision proves challenging, our telematics experts are available to guide you through your needs and deliver a tailored solution for your business.

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Software that's easy to access and simple to use

Our cutting-edge fleet management system, Kinesis, pairs with our telematics devices to present and manage the data collected from your devices. By harnessing the power of telematics technology, Kinesis provides real-time insights into vehicle telematics data, allowing fleet managers to efficiently monitor driver behaviour, track vehicle location, and analyse driving habits.

With this sophisticated system, fleet operators can optimise fuel consumption, enhance driver safety through monitoring driving behaviour like harsh braking, and ultimately improve overall fleet performance. Kinesis, in tandem with telematics devices, offers a comprehensive solution for fleet tracking, ensuring that you can effectively oversee your fleet operations and maximise efficiency.

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