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Become a telematics reseller with Radius

Boost financial performance with our telematics products

Own customer relationships; we supply the technology

Perfect for those with an existing customer base or focused on telematics resale

Enhance fleet management with telematics from Radius

Unlike most platforms, our award-winning solutions have been designed from the ground up specifically for partners. This puts you in control of what you provide to your customers.

Grow your brand

Create sustainable and long-term business value

Develop a portfolio from our wide range of products

Our partnership opportunities


Sell our products under our brand but you'll own the customer relationship.

White label

Your solution, your way, with your brand, powered by our technology.

How to become a Radius reseller partner



Tell us about the needs of your business and the telematics solutions you're interested in.



We'll look into whether you qualify for a Radius telematics partnership.



An account manager will then be in touch to confirm and discuss the next steps.



Our experts will ensure you're best equipped to get the most from our partnership.

Become a reseller

Partnership benefits

How we can help you

Dedicated account managers

A first point of contact to understand the needs of your business and suggest products. Our account managers help partners build their unique vision for selling Radius products, providing regular touchpoints and reviews for success.

Flexible and competitive pricing

We offer flexible pricing to our partners and provide a buy price, so they can charge their customers what they want and integrate our product seamlessly.

Sales and marketing collateral

We will provide you with comprehensive marketing collateral and dedicated sales support to help your business expand its reach and boost ROI in telematics. Our expertly crafted materials and personalized assistance ensure you can effectively promote telematics solutions, attract new customers, and drive business growth.

Comprehensive partner training

We provide partners with all the training needed to offer telematics to their customer base, including product, sales and first line support training.

Expert marketing support

Effective marketing is a must for successful sales campaigns. With our telematics expertise, we can help you soar. We'll be with you every step of the way, from launch to growth, to maximize engagement and expand your reach.

Customer service support

We have a team of customer support agents available to help you get the most from your partnership with us. From onboarding to lifecycle management, our agents help partners manage customer queries and even offer assistance with more complex requests.

Become a reseller

How does a telematics reseller relationship work with Radius

As with all our partnership solutions, the reseller arrangement is simple.

You use our hardware and software technology with our product brands to build your own customer base and business.  We can offer you flexible billing options that will see you maintain customer ownership and ensure you are responsible for customer data.

A great balanced opportunity to make the most from an existing infrastructure while creating your own long term business value.

HGV driver looking at their side mirror

Offer the widest range of telematics products to your customers

Diversify your offerings with comprehensive fleet management solutions for your clients by teaming up with the foremost fleet and asset management provider. As a Radius reseller partner, you will benefit from:

Collaborating with a renowned leader in fleet performance management.

Expanding your revenue opportunities through new streams.

Gaining access to exceptional training, support, and enablement resources.

Receiving personalized guidance and assistance from a dedicated account manager.

Crafting a tailored fleet management experience that caters to your clients' needs, all while boosting your revenue and profitability.

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Benefits of being a telematics reseller

Comprehensive product range

Access a wide variety of telematics products to meet diverse customer needs.

Customer ownership

Flexible billing options to help you maintain customer relationships, and control customer data.

Brand flexibility

Leverage a market-leading brand while building your own business identity.

Revenue opportunities

Enhance your product offerings with upsell and cross-sell options.

Award-winning platform

Utilize proven technology and support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Flexible partnerships

Tailor the partnership to fit your business model, whether primary or supplementary to your existing services.

Become a white label reseller

Your customers with our products and co-branded technology

A unique partnership approach that allows you to leverage the benefit of an existing and market leading telematics brand but with the flexibility for you to own the customer.

We are capable of efficiently rebranding our software and mobile apps with your label in a swift manner. Once you provide us with the necessary logo pack and color schemes, our dedicated team will proceed to manage all aspects of the rebranding process. Furthermore, we can seamlessly integrate your brand domain with the Radius platform, ensuring that your clients enjoy a seamless and flawless user experience.

It’s really simple, you take our products and our technology and create your own business with our backing and support.

Flexible white label reseller partnerships

Utilize our customizable fleet management and asset tracking platform, featuring your branding and tailored to your business needs. Collaborate with us to expand and enhance your operations.

Our white label partnerships create a great opportunity for businesses that want to leverage their brand to offer additional telematics services without the investment needed to build your own technology platform and infrastructure.

Flexible packages that offer the best commercial terms and ownership of the customer.

Unique in the level of support we provide across the value chain.

Benefits of white label reseller partnerships

Cost efficiency

White label solutions often come at a lower cost compared to developing proprietary systems, allowing for better budget management.

Brand control

Fleet managers can maintain their brand identity while leveraging advanced telematics technology, ensuring consistency across all services.

Customizable solutions

We provide customizable options tailored to your specific needs, enhancing operational efficiency and service quality.

Access to expertise

Partnering with a Radius gives fleet managers access to industry experts and the latest technological advancements, improving fleet performance and compliance.

Enhanced data analytics

Telematics systems offer robust data analytics and reporting tools, enabling better decision-making and more efficient fleet management.


These partnerships allow fleet managers to easily scale their operations as their fleet grows, without worrying about technology limitations.

Frequently asked questions

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