What is geofencing and how does it work?

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What is geofencing?

In general, it is a technology which utilises GPS or RFID to create virtual boundaries around specific geographic areas, known as geofence areas. When a vehicle enters or exits these predefined areas, the geofencing system triggers alerts or actions.

That means with geofencing vehicle tracking, it helps to monitor your company’s vehicle locations and ensures they remain within designated areas or routes. This enhances security, compliance with route regulations, fleet management control, and more.

How does a geofence work?

A geofence works by establishing virtual boundaries using GPS coordinates. When a vehicle – equipped with an applicable geofence tracking device – crosses these boundaries, the asset tracking system detects the movement and triggers predefined actions or alerts.

How does geofencing work in terms of boundaries? The geofence can be customised to cover specific locations such as job sites or restricted zones. The tracking software then continuously monitors the vehicle’s position in real-time, delivering accurate, prompt detection of any boundary crossings.

Benefits of geofencing in telematics

Enhanced security

With vehicle geofencing, you can closely monitor asset locations and receive alerts for unexpected movements. This helps prevent unauthorised use and theft of company vehicles.

Route compliance

You can track to make sure vehicle drivers adhere to designated routes. Along with improving compliance, this reduces deviations and enhances route optimisation.

Operational efficiency

As you track vehicle movements in real-time, it’s possible to optimise fleet operations by monitoring the best routes and reducing unauthorised stops.

Improved customer service

With geofencing and the ability to monitor vehicles in real-time, you’re in a better position to provide accurate delivery times and improve delivery performance.

Cost savings

Along with optimising routes, you can reduce fuel and maintenance costs – and ultimately save money – by preventing unauthorised usage.

Timely maintenance

Receive alerts when vehicles enter maintenance areas. These alerts ensure timely servicing and a reduction in downtime.

What is the purpose of geofencing?

With vehicle tracking, the purpose of geofencing is to enhance fleet management by gaining precise location monitoring and control.

When people learn what does geofencing mean, their minds often turn to its most clear benefit: enhanced security. It helps prevent unauthorised vehicle use by allowing businesses to respond promptly to any deviations or unauthorised activities.

With these virtual boundaries, your company can optimise fleet performance, reduce costs, improve customer service, and more.

How accurate is geofencing?

Various aspects influence the accuracy of geofencing. These aspects include the GPS technology's quality and the defined boundaries' precision. Additionally, factors like satellite signal strength, environmental conditions, and the quality of the tracking device can all play a part.

At Radius, we have invested in modern GPS systems which deliver high accuracy within just a few metres. Our innovative Kinesis system allows for easy, well-defined geofence areas, while our robust trackers are built with quality at the forefront. The result: highly accurate geofencing.

How to create a geofence

When learning how to geofence a location, this involves defining a virtual boundary using GPS coordinates. With our web-based Kinesis software, this task is an effortless one.

After clicking “Create Geofences”, select either “Circle” or “Customised” for the geofence parameters. Then input your location. You’ll then be presented with a map view where you can accurately set the geofence. This can also be moved, via drag-and-drop, to precisely match your requirements. Once saved, our system will begin monitoring vehicle movements within the defined geofence.

What are geofence alerts?

Explaining what is a geofencing alert and how it works.

Geofence alerts are notifications triggered when a vehicle enters or exits a predefined geofence area. These alerts can be customised to meet specific needs – whether it’s unauthorised movement, route compliance, or maintenance requirements.

Alerts are sent in real-time via our vehicle tracking software, email, or SMS. This allows for immediate response to keep your vehicles safe and optimised.

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