Semi-truck tracking to drive your fleet operations

See the location of your semi-truck with live tracking

Run an efficient operation and optimize fuel consumption

Improve driver safety through performance monitoring

Gain control with effective semi-truck tracking

Gain location visibility of your fleet

Track the location of your semi-truck fleet through GPS fleet tracking software that empowers your fleet manager.

Improve fuel consumption and reduce costs

By tracking truck location, cut wasted mileage and improve driver behavior to reduce costs and improve profit margins.

Improve driver safety and reduce risk

Assess driver safety and driving habits, to reduce the risk of incidents and improve fuel consumption.

Optimize routes taken and cut wasted mileage

Use our GPS vehicle tracking system to review journey history and ensure planned routes are taken.

Why Radius offers the best semi-truck tracking solutions

With GPS tracking in place across your HGV fleet, you can manage your business to improve efficiency, enhance driver safety and meet the demands of your customers.

Using our best-in-class commercial truck tracking devices, and leading cloud-based Kinesis software platform, view the location of your HGV fleet in real time, and review journey history to see where you fleet vehicles were in the past.

Utilize geofences to manage movement in and out of specific locations, and access detailed performance data on your truck drivers to ensure each vehicle is being driven safely.

How does semi-truck tracking work?

A semi-truck tracking system, powered by GPS tracker technology, provides real-time monitoring of fleet location and movement. By connecting a vehicle to this system, you can instantly access its precise location, as well as monitor speed, fuel consumption, and driver behavior.

Implementing a semi-truck tracking system empowers your fleet manager to enhance fleet management, optimize operational efficiency, increase vehicle utilization, ensure safety, and improve vehicle security.

Key features of semi-truck tracking

Our tracking system offers a wide range of features to help you optimize your fleet operations and deliver outstanding customer service.

Real-time location of your HGV fleet, displayed on a live tracking map, integrated with Google Maps

View detailed journey history and routes taken

Obtain accurate estimated times of arrivals (ETAs)

Establish geofences for monitoring specific locations and safeguarding against vehicle theft

Receive alerts for movement into and out of designated areas

Track and analyze driver behavior to enhance driver safety

Gain access to a variety of reports for valuable insights into fleet performance

Organize your vehicles into groups for specific monitoring and reporting

Confirm who is driving each vehicle with Driver ID

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Product benefits

Advantages of utilizing a semi-truck tracking system

Improved fleet efficiency

Truck fleet tracking boosts productivity and efficiency by closely monitoring and optimizing fleet operations. Live tracking and historical views enable businesses to optimize routes, reduce idling time, and improve fuel consumption for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and other vehicles.

Enhanced security for your fleet

Semi-truck tracking systems enhance fleet security through real-time monitoring and tracking, safeguarding against theft and unauthorized use. The presence of a truck GPS tracker increases the chance of vehicle recovery.

Theft protection

Tracking acts as a strong deterrent against theft, as potential thieves are less likely to target vehicles equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking system. In the event of a theft, the tracking system facilitates location monitoring, aiding in the swift recovery of the truck and minimizing potential losses.

Driver behavior monitoring across the fleet

Our systems monitor driver behavior, analyzing speeding, harsh braking, and excessive idling. This allows businesses to implement corrective measures, provide coaching, and promote safer driving habits for truck drivers. Benefits include reduced accidents, lower insurance premiums, and improved fleet safety.

Improved customer service for fleets

Truck trackers allow businesses to give customers timely updates on delivery status and location. This transparency builds trust, customer satisfaction, and reliable service, especially for truck fleets and HGV deliveries.

Cost savings for fleets

Truck tracking systems provide data for businesses to analyze and identify cost-saving opportunities in fleet management. This includes optimizing routes, reducing fuel consumption, minimizing idling time, and proactively scheduling maintenance of HGVs to minimize wear and tear.

Reduced wasted mileage and time

A vehicle tracking system helps your fleet manager to identify wasted mileage, optimize resource utilization, and reduce costs, while improving customer service, fleet safety, and operational efficiency. It is particularly important for managing large truck fleets, including HGVs.

Insurance benefits

Insurance providers may offer reduced premiums when GPS vehicle tracking is in place. By demonstrating proactive measures to prevent theft and enhance driver safety, businesses operating a truck fleet can demonstrate a lower risk profile.

Data-driven decision making

A GPS tracking system for trucks gathers data on vehicle and driver performance across your fleet. This data helps your fleet manager and wider team optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and identify areas for improvement.

Software that's easy to access and simple to use

Our Kinesis platform provides an exceptional semi-truck tracking software solution, designed with your convenience in mind. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive functions, managing your fleet has never been easier.

Utilize the Kinesis map view, seamlessly integrated with Google Maps. This gives you a real-time view of all your vehicles equipped with a truck tracking device. You can effortlessly track their movements and even playback their past journeys to gain insights into routes and locations.

In addition to live tracking, Kinesis offers advanced features to enhance your fleet management. By setting up geofences, you can monitor specific areas and receive an alert whenever vehicles enter or exit those zones. Furthermore, the platform provides valuable driver behavior information, enabling you to promote safer driving practices within your fleet.

With Kinesis, you can also access a comprehensive range of reports to support your fleet management decisions. These reports provide valuable insights into fuel consumption, vehicle location, and much more, helping you drive efficiency, reduce costs, and improve safety across your fleet.

Experience the power and simplicity of Kinesis for all your live semi-truck tracking and fleet analysis needs. Gain easy access, utilize user-friendly functions, and unlock key features that will transform your fleet management experience.

Easy to install semi-truck tracking devices

At Radius, we offer various GPS tracking devices to cater to your specific needs. You have the option to either install the GPS truck tracking device yourself or have it professionally installed by one of our engineers.

Our self-install tracking devices are powered either by the vehicle battery or connect through the vehicle's ODB port, capturing additional data from each truck.

Whatever your needs, we will ensure you have the ideal GPS device for your business.

Advanced options for semi-truck fleets

Take advantage of additional vehicle tracking capabilities, such as trailer tracking, integrated vehicle camera solutions and temperature monitoring. For businesses with off-highway fleets, and valuable equipment, utilize our GPS asset tracking solution or complete visibility.

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