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Truck Tracking

When you see the words “Truck Tracking” together, it seems rather self-explanatory as to what it means. It’s just used for knowing where your trucks are located, right? Location is just a small portion of what our systems can provide. Truck Tracking helps companies manage their trucks effetively. Having good visibility over your vehicles will allow you gather critical information and make smarter decisions for your business. Truck Tracking can also help you monitor your fleets fuel consumption, drivers' behavior and supply you with a range of benefits for managing and maintaining a fleet, including helping to prevent unauthorized use and theft.

Two vans parked side by side

What is truck tracking and how does it work?

With the use of GPS technology, a truck tracking system allows for the real-time monitoring of a truck’s location and movement. This means when a vehicle is connected to a truck tracking system, you are able to see its precise location at any given moment. Other data points are also obtainable, including distance travelled and the speed of a vehicle.

Truck tracking works when GPS technology is combined with telematics. When used together, a fleet manager is able to continually track the location of a company’s truck, anywhere and anytime – as long as they have internet access and a desktop or mobile.

Key features of a truck tracking system

With so many features up for grabs, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that no business regrets using a truck tracking system.

You benefit from various key features when your business uses truck tracking devices. The main ones include:

Know the 24/7 real-time location of your trucks

Gain information about estimated times of arrivals

Immediately find out about breakdowns or accidents

Map out the most optimized journeys

View vehicle maintenance reports

Boost vehicle and driver safety and security

No hassle way to manage your fleet

The advantages of incorporating truck tracking devices

To go into a little more detail about why truck tracking devices have become an integral asset for organizations, here are three main benefits where they can improve your business.

An employee looking at a map on their laptop

Save time and money

When a business uses a truck tracking system, they are able to ultimately boost productivity, reduce their expenses, and save time. This is due to its ability to provide real-time data and support your company’s admin tasks. The latter is supported as all information is found within a single management system. Whether you want driver behavior scores or fuel usage reports, you can obtain this info with ease. You can further save time and money due to the real-time tracking information.

Two people unloading a blue van

Enhance safety and security

When you know the location of your trucks, it can provide a level of reassurance and peace of mind over items that you own. Plus, if a vehicle is stolen, the authorities can be alerted immediately – and your truck tracking system can help them in their investigations, hopefully ensuring that you get your truck back quickly.

A courier driver on the phone sat in the front of a van

Improve customer satisfaction levels

Faster deliveries improve customer satisfaction levels. Yet that’s not the only advantage of using a van tracking system. Accurate ETAs can be supplied to customers, ensuring you can quickly answer any enquiries relating to their deliveries and when they can expect them to be completed.


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