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Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

As an organisation whose purpose is to help businesses adapt to the future, we recognise the importance of managing our own long-term platform for growth and sustainability and our impact on the environment.

Sustainability and impact on the environment

Our fuel business expects to see continued growth in sales of diesel fuel for a number of years ahead we recognise that in the longer term we need to continue diversifying into becoming a supplier of a wider range of services and solutions. We have made good progress with this over the past five years – around 30% of our gross profit now comes from non-fossil fuel-based and our plan is to continue growing this share and the range of services on offer.

EV charge card in use

Realistic about today

For vehicles which are not ready to transition, we offer customers the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint via our partnership with a leading developer of woodland creation and carbon capture projects.

Within our own business, we are in the early stages of implementing ISO14001 which will involve the adoption of more proactive environmental policies and their application across all our offices.

A businessperson putting their electric car on charge

Engagement with local communities

At Radius, we prioritise engaging with local communities and promoting corporate social responsibility. We actively contribute to social and voluntary projects, supporting the communities where we live and work.

We have established strong partnerships with various local charities, aiming to enhance the health and wellbeing of community members. Through these partnerships, we have participated in numerous fundraising events and encouraged our employees to volunteer their time and skills.

Additionally, our employees frequently participate in sponsored activities to raise essential funds for charitable organisations. For instance, in February 2022, our teams took part in the Prince's Trust Future Steps initiative, collectively taking over 40 million steps and generating £15,000 to assist young individuals at risk of being left behind.

We strongly believe in making a positive impact on local communities and continuously seek opportunities to contribute to their growth and welfare.


As a privately owned business, our general approach is to benchmark our governance procedures against those used by similar sized listed businesses. This starts by setting the right tone at the top and we are led by an effective and entrepreneurial board which recognises that its role is to promote the long-term sustainable success of the Group, generating value for shareholders and contributing to wider society.