Telematics to keep you connected to your fleet and assets

Greater control of your vehicles and assets

Insightful information helps reduce your costs

Keep drivers safe and your fleets compliant

A range of products to suit any business, any size

Telematics solutions

The world's widest range of telematics solutions in one place

Whether you’re a large or small business, or your vehicle, dash cam and asset telematics needs are simple or advanced; we’ll have the right solution for you. We are a global leader in telematics services with over 600,000 live subscriptions across the world.

Our Kinesis and Kinesis Pro software is matched to your business needs, helping you to access fleet insights easier and faster with simple user navigation. Check out our in-depth guide on telematics.

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We deliver simple solutions to help your business

The widest choice

More telematics solutions for vehicles and assets, so you can get everything all in one place.

Easy-to-use software

A powerful and easy-to-use software that puts you in control with greater insights.

Local support, global expertise

Our teams are located across the world to give you expert support when you need it.

Leading functionality

More features give you more options. We’ll guide you on what is best for your business.

How it works


Understand your needs

We discuss your telematics needs and identify where we can best support your business.


The best solutions

We provide you with a recommendation including appropriate software and hardware.


Software demonstration

We show you how easy it is to use and how to gain valuable insights.


Getting you started and support

We get you up and running, ensuring a seamless set-up and reliable local support at the end of the phone.

Telematics for businesses of all sizes

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Small businesses

We understand that running your business takes a lot of your time, so we keep things simple and mobile. Get information on your vehicle and asset locations, and protect them from theft.

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Medium-sized businesses

Maintaining control over your fleets, equipment and assets becomes harder as your business grows. We can help you gain more control over the location, costs and security to improve margins and reduce disruption.

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Large and enterprise

Optimising fleet and asset performance is critical for every large business. We’ll give you the insights to manage your costs and utilisation, maintain compliance and help keep everyone safe.

What do you want from Telematics?

Our solutions offer a wide range of business benefits and advantages

Always connected to your vehicles and assets

Wherever you are, laptop, tablet and mobile access to the software allows you to see camera footage and where your vehicles or assets are located. 

Optimise the usage of vehicles and assets

Identify how vehicles and assets are being utilised effectively to help optimise the size of your fleet or asset inventory, reducing future investment.

Improve the safety of your drivers

Detailed information and league tables of driver behaviour, supported with dash cam footage, and information from CANBus systems give you the complete picture.

Reduce your fleet and asset insurance costs

Manage the likelihood of incidents through driver behaviour scores, use dash cam footage as proof of fault and protect assets.

Detailed information on vehicle performance and activity

Clear understanding of how your vehicles are being used; when they stop, are in transit, loading or unloading with detailed CANBus and PTO information.

Improve the service you offer to your customers

Provide reporting on attendance to customer locations, accurate estimated time of arrival and links to live locations to keep customers informed and satisfied.

Defend against false insurance claims

Use remotely downloaded dash cam footage, vehicle location and speed information to get a clear picture of any incident.

Reduce maintenance, fuel and operational costs

Reduce wear and tear on vehicles through better driving behaviour, and monitor idling to help save up to 20% on fuel and operational costs.

Maintain regulatory and compliance requirements of fleets

Help keep your drivers and fleet compliant with regular vehicle checks collected electronically.

Monitor business kilometres v private kilometres for tax purposes

Using the Kinesis drivers app or a Private/Business mileage switch we can provide detailed reports of splits between different journey types to ensure tax returns are supported.

Early notification of vehicle and plant thefts to improve recovery

If vehicles, plant, machinery or other valuable assets are moved without authorisation, we’ll alert you, immobilise plant and support recovery efforts.

Reduce impact on the environment and take steps to improve

Trip history and MPG assessments for each vehicle will help you understand your carbon impact and could also identify where EV transition is an option.

Prevent cargo from becoming damaged, lost or stolen

Protect cargo and trailers; receive alerts if they are moved without authorisation.

Easy-to-use software

Our web-based tracking software is simple to use with a range of features to suit what you need. It is available on a mobile app making it suitable for fleet owners and managers who are often out of the office.

Choose from two different software platforms. Kinesis for essential vehicle tracking and camera solutions or Kinesis Pro for more advanced telematics solutions and integrations with CANbus, remote tachograph downloads, cold chain temperature monitoring and much more.

Vehicle tracking

We offer vehicle tracking for all types of vehicles and businesses. With the right solution combined with our powerful software, you'll benefit from improved visibility of your fleet, safety for your drivers and security of your vehicles.

Is your business ready for the 3G shutdown?

The Telstra 3G shutdown date has been announced and their 3G mobile phone service will be discontinued from June, 2024. Find out what you should be doing to prepare your business and maximise fleet performance.

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Asset tracking

Improve visibility and control of your assets. See their location, monitor their usage and ensure efficiency. Secure key pieces of plant and equipment with our market-leading range of asset trackers and stolen asset recovery services.

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Dash cams

See what your drivers see with a full range of dash cams and vehicle camera systems. Watch or download clear HD video footage instantly from anywhere. Keep your drivers and other road users safe, defend your business against false insurance claims and reduce costs.

Installing a dashcam to the front windscreen of a vehicle

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