Kinesis Pro: The powerful fleet telematics system from Radius

Manage a larger mixed fleet from one place

Customisable reports for deeper insights

Use complex features like temperature monitoring

Easy-to-use telematics software

Our web-based professional telematics software - Kinesis Pro - is simple to use with a range of features to suit fleet management needs. It is available on a mobile app, making it suitable for business owners and fleet managers who are often out of the office. 

Kinesis Pro, our premium fleet management system, caters specifically to fleet operators. It offers seamless access to real-time vehicle or asset location via GPS tracking, comprehensive driver safety data, and even provides access to vehicle camera footage.

Benefits of Kinesis Pro telematics software


Telematics software boosts operational efficiency in fleet management, enhancing productivity and reducing costs in commercial vehicle operations.

Reduce costs

Kinesis Pro leads to reduced fuel costs by optimising routes and monitoring driver behaviour for increased fuel efficiency.

Driver safety

Enhancing driver safety by leveraging the capabilities of telematics software to monitor and improve driver behaviour on the roads.

Fleet security

Kinesis Pro optimises maintenance schedules through real-time data, minimising downtime and costs while improving operational efficiency and extending fleet vehicle lifespan.

Key features of our Kinesis Pro software

Live map

Live map

The Live Map feature allows your fleet operator to access the current location of your fleet in real time. By tracking each vehicle or asset status through the use of GPS (Global Positioning System), you can enhance safety and security measures, as well as facilitate data-driven operational choices on a daily basis.

Kinesis Pro for vehicle tracking

Kinesis pro is a tried and tested, award-winning telematics and fleet management platform that has the capability to deliver the information needs of any business owner or fleet manager.

Kinesis Pro offers everything a standard vehicle tracking software should, with live GPS location tracking, driver behaviour and trip history. Kinesis Pro takes it further and offers customisable reports and alerts, complex features like temperature monitoring.

 All of these features enable you to gain greater visibility on vehicle location and insights on the performance of your vehicles to drive operational efficiency.

Three parked HGVs

Kinesis Pro for vehicle cameras

With Kinesis Pro, you can easily access and manage the recorded footage from your dashboard camera, including driver facing, rear facing or side facing camera footage, providing a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

If you're a fleet owner or manager who often works remotely, our software is designed to meet your requirements as it also comes with a mobile app for convenient accessibility.

Select your footage by driver event, journey history, or date and time to accurately report on incidents and use the footage to protect your business.

Kinesis Pro for asset tracking

Kinesis Pro gives you visibility and control, for effective asset management. It enables you to see recent asset locations and monitor their utilisation to ensure maximum use.

With Kinesis Pro protecting your valuable assets is easy with GPS ping location, and historical location data. You can also set up customisable reports to protect asset theft or misuse.

Kinesis Pro is accessible both online and via a smartphone app. This dual-accessibility allows you to monitor and manage your company’s assets from anywhere, at any time.

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Manage your fleet from anywhere

For fleet managers seeking mobile solutions to efficiently manage their fleet or for drivers to access driving feedback.

We offer a Kinesis Pro app designed to enhance operational effectiveness on the go.


Easy to install tracking devices

At Radius, our fleet management software Kinesis Pro is designed to work with vehicle tracking, asset tracking and vehicle camera devices. We offer various telematics devices to cater to your specific needs. You have the option to either install the GPS fleet telematics device yourself or have it professionally installed by one of our engineers.

Devices are powered either by the vehicle battery or connect through the vehicle's ODB port, capturing additional data from each vehicle, which you can then see in the Kinesis Pro system.

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