Dash cams with GPS tracking for your commercial fleet

Collect high quality HD footage of your drivers on the road

Track your vehicles live location and previous journeys

Improve driver performance using trip history and driver footage

What is a dash cam with GPS tracking?

A dash cam with GPS tracking integrates high-definition video recording with real-time vehicle tracking. This vehicle tracking and camera system combination delivers a comprehensive view of driving incidents. Along with capturing video footage, this is joined by data such as vehicle location, speed, and performance.

Fleet managers can then access this synchronised information remotely. This provides accurate, timely insights into driving behaviour and road events, and this ultimately enhances safety and accountability.

Why do you need GPS tracking with a dash cam?

The integration of a dashcam with GPS tracking offers a dual layer of security and insight for fleet management. The GPS trackers supplies real-time location and driving performance data, while the dash cam captures visual evidence of road conditions and driver behaviour.

This combination equals comprehensive incident analysis, helping to identify – and correct – risky driving practices, reduce accident rates, and mitigate insurance costs. That’s not all. Remote access to synchronised video and data supports swift decision-making and efficient fleet management.

Benefits of dash cams with GPS tracking

Reduce accidents

The combination of data and clear video evidence helps identify poor driving behaviour. This can then be addressed with targeted training, resulting in fewer accidents, reduced disruptions, and cost savings.

Cheaper insurance

The availability of high-quality footage can clarify fault in any accidents. By doing so, insurance premiums can be potentially lowered due to irrefutable evidence in claims.

Driver safety

Visible cameras deter hostile actions and boost driver security and performance. Additionally, GPS data can be used to further enhance overall safety on the road for your drivers.

Eliminate fraud

The dash cam’s HD footage provides indisputable evidence of incidents, particularly when combined with GPS data. This protects against false claims and fraudulent activities.

Regulatory compliance

Meet legal demands and compliance requirements with enhanced camera functionality, including routine vehicle checks and remote tachograph data downloads.

Early accident notification

Receive instant alerts for potential incidents. The combination of a dash cam with tracker allows quick access to footage, and alerts mean prompt communication with insurers to expedite claims processing.

Our tracking software

The Radius user-friendly, web-based tracking software offers seamless integration with our dash cam systems. Designed to meet the needs of fleet managers, this software offers numerous features. You can access and manage recorded footage, track vehicle locations, and monitor driver behaviour in real-time. Add in advanced features like motion detection and automated alerts, and you gain a complete overview of your fleet’s operations at all times.

Our mobile app offers additional convenience by allowing you to stay connected and informed – even while on the go.

Leaders in AI dash cam technology

Radius is at the forefront of AI dash cam technology. Our advanced, innovative systems use AI to detect pedestrians, cyclists, and driver distractions, offering real-time alerts and HD video footage. With features like motion detection and automated recording, we ensure full-service monitoring and protection.

A driver yawning while driving their vehicle

Types of dash cams that integrate with our vehicle tracking system

Front dash cams

Compact front-facing dash cams that capture clear HD footage of the road ahead. This vehicle tracking camera delivers essential visual data for incident analysis.

Forward facing dashcam

Front and driver facing camera

As the name implies, this duo system records both the road ahead and the driver. Along with enhancing safety standards, it supports insurance claims with comprehensive evidence.

Parked HGV at a warehouse

Multi-camera systems

Achieve 360 degree visibility with front, side, and rear cameras. By capturing all critical areas around the vehicle, it prevents accidents and offers complete incident coverage.

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