Construction equipment tracking to maximize efficiency and security

Real-time monitoring of construction equipment locations

Enhanced security against theft and asset loss of construction equipment

Optimized construction equipment usage

GPS construction equipment tracking solutions for your business

Gain visibility into your construction equipment

With construction equipment tracking, fleet managers and your team can monitor the location of equipment, amplifying equipment utilization.

Protect against construction equipment loss

Ensure every piece of construction machinery is collected from the job site. Ensure the location of these valuable assets is known at all times.

Counter construction equipment theft and aid asset recovery

With GPS tracking, you can be alerted to unexpected asset movement, on and off the construction site.

Improve customer experience

By understanding the location and status of your construction equipment fleet, you can deploy assets where they are needed, responding to the demands of your projects.

Why Radius offers the best construction equipment tracking

We offer the best GPS construction equipment tracking solution through our advanced asset tracking system. Our live tracking capabilities provide real-time location monitoring for your fleet, allowing fleet managers to optimize asset utilization, track asset status, and make informed operational decisions.

With our Kinesis platform, you get access to a robust GPS tracking system that empowers you to effectively manage your construction assets. This system safeguards against heavy machinery misuse and equipment theft, with live tracking facilitating swift recovery of stolen construction equipment. By using our construction asset management solution, you can enhance your understanding of equipment use to maximize ROI from these valuable assets.

At Radius, we tailor the right GPS tracking solution to meet your specific requirements in the construction industry, offering a range of options to choose from. Coupled with the Kinesis platform, our expertise equips you with the necessary tools to enhance operational efficiency, bolster security measures, and ensure you deliver quality results on the construction site.

How does construction equipment tracking work?

Construction equipment tracking utilises GPS location data to monitor the whereabouts of your heavy equipment fleet. Each piece of construction equipment is outfitted with a GPS tracker that transmits location information at regular intervals to our dedicated construction equipment tracking software. This allows you to track the precise location of each asset on our live map interface.

Beyond real-time location monitoring, this system enables you to access historical location data, configure alerts triggered by equipment movement in and out of specified zones, and generate various reports crucial for effective fleet management.

By leveraging heavy equipment tracking, fleet managers have the necessary tools to efficiently oversee equipment utilization, ensure timely project completion, and fulfil customer requirements. Furthermore, this technology enhances fleet security by promptly notifying your team of any unauthorized movements and assisting in the retrieval of stolen equipment through accurate location tracking.

Key features of GPS construction equipment tracking

Through our Kinesis system, you can access a range of construction equipment tracking benefits, including:

Real-time GPS tracking: Provides precise location data for each tool or piece of heavy machinery, on and off the job site.

Geofencing: Allows users to set geographical boundaries and receive alerts when construction equipment enters or exits these areas.

Previous location data: See previous movements of your equipment.

Alerts and notifications: Sends instant alerts for specific events such as unauthorized movement.

Reporting: Access detailed reports on construction equipment usage, location history, and more for data-driven decisions.

Mobile app: Monitor and manage your construction business fleet on-the-go.

Product benefits

Benefits of construction equipment tracking to your business

Improved asset management

With a GPS tracker fitted, managers can monitor the location and movement of all heavy equipment in real-time. This enables better scheduling and deployment of machinery based on job site needs, reducing equipment downtime and improving operational efficiency.

Theft prevention and recovery

A GPS tracking device can deter valuable asset theft and assist in the recovery of stolen construction equipment. By knowing the exact location of your heavy machinery at all times, you can be notified if unauthorized movements occurs, and take action.

Enhanced safety

Tracking construction equipment, through GPS, monitors equipment locations and movements to enforce safety zones, preventing equipment misuse and enhancing on-site safety. Tracking devices offer real-time data, ensuring assets stay where they should, optimizing efficiency and reducing risks.

Automated inventory management

Effective construction equipment tracking saves time and reduces errors in asset management by streamlining inventory monitoring with GPS technology. It optimizes asset utilization, prevents downtime, and enhances operational efficiency, ultimately improving productivity and cost savings.

Maintenance scheduling

GPS equipment tracking systems provide accurate monitoring of asset usage and equipment downtime. This information is instrumental for fleet managers so they can schedule timely equipment maintenance, prevent failures and enhance the overall lifespan of the equipment.

Improved customer service

With fast up-to-date location access, your heavy construction equipment can be deployed to meet business and customer needs, in an efficient and responsive manner. Your team can identify the nearest asset, its status, and make fast deployment decisions, beating other construction companies to the job site.

Construction asset tracking software that's easy to access and simple to use

Our construction asset management software, Kinesis, provides a comprehensive solution for efficient fleet tracking and fleet management. With real-time tracking, geofencing, and reporting, Kinesis offers the tools to optimize construction company operations for fleet operators.

Integrated with Google Maps, you can monitor asset location, view location history, and receive instant alerts to movement into and out of the construction site or other locations. Access a range of reports for informed decision-making.

Maximise utilization, make informed decisions, and improve safety and security with Kinesis.

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GPS tracking devices for construction equipment

At Radius, we offer a range of GPS tracking devices, covering all the on-highway and off-highway equipment tracking needs for your business. For construction equipment tracking, we can provide a simple battery powered GPS tracking device that can be self-installed, or a dedicated equipment asset tracker.

Our team will work to understand your specific needs and requirements, to ensure the construction equipment tracking solution we deliver gives you the tools you need for effective asset fleet management.

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