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Reduce fleet maintenance, fuel and operational costs

Improve driver behaviour to improve safety

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Business benefits of vehicle tracking and telematics

Greater visibility

Gain greater visibility on vehicle location and insights on the performance of your vehicles to drive operational efficiency.

Reduce costs

Monitor fuel, driver behaviour and fleet vehicle location to help reduce running costs.

Improve safety

Identify poor driver behaviour to reduce accidents, business disruption and unexpected costs.

Increase security

Receive an alert if a fleet vehicle is not where it should be, giving an early advantage on stolen vehicle recovery and helping to prevent theft.

Vehicle tracking and telematics solutions for all business needs

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Essential vehicle tracking

Simple and easy-to-use fleet tracking for businesses that want to locate their vehicles and check where they’ve been. Gain insights on vehicle and driver performance to closely manage fuel and maintenance costs.

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Professional fleet telematics

Powerful fleet tracking intelligence with advanced features to helps fleet managers to gain detailed insights into your fleet operations. Effectively manage costs, compliance, performance and optimisation.

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See exactly where your vehicles are and where they have been

Our Kinesis vehicle tracking software includes easy-to-read maps, integrated to Google Maps, and vehicle details, enabling you to see the location of all your fleet vehicles.

Look back at the trip history of a vehicle or group of vehicles, to see if a delivery was made, if an incident occurred or how long they stayed at a location. Take fleet management to the next level, and improve the customer service you deliver.

Vehicle tracking for any fleet

Track any vehicle in any fleet with our vehicle tracking solutions.

Fleet of vans

Van tracking

Optimise the performance of your fleet with our advanced van tracking solutions, designed for efficiency and security.

Truck tracking

Maximise logistics efficiency with our truck tracking solutions, tailored for the unique demands of heavy goods vehicle fleets.

Car tracking

Experience unparalleled peace of mind with real-time car tracking, ensuring safety and control over your company vehicles.

EV tracking

Embrace the future with our EV tracking, offering electric fleet visibility and insights to drive fleet performance and optimisation.

Product benefits

How vehicle and fleet tracking solutions help you

Always connected to your vehicles

Wherever you are, laptop, tablet and mobile access to our real time vehicle tracking software allows you to see where your entire fleet of vehicles are located, through best-in-class GPS vehicle tracking.

Improve the safety of your drivers on the road

Detailed information and league tables of driver behaviour, supported with dash cam footage, tachograph and information from CANBus systems give you the complete picture.

Maintain regulatory and compliance requirements of your fleet

Help keep your drivers and fleet compliant with regular vehicle checks collected electronically, to proactively manage vehicle maintenance.

Reduce your fleet and asset insurance costs

Reduce the risk of incidents through improved driver behaviour, and reduce premiums by achieving a lower risk profile.

Optimise the usage of vehicles

Identify how fleet vehicles are being utilised to help optimise your fleet size. Make smarter fleet management decisions.

Detailed information on vehicle performance and activity

Give those involved in fleet management a clear understanding of how your fleet vehicles are being used, to help drive utilisation and ROI. A fleet tracking device gives you data on locations and journeys to manage the fleet effectively.

Help identify fuel fraud and unauthorised use of vehicles

Linking your fuel cards to your vehicles via our vehicle tracking system means we can alert you if fuel is purchased and your vehicle is not present. This helps you manage fuel consumption and reduce fuel costs.

Early notification of vehicle theft to improve recovery

If fleet vehicles are moved without authorisation, we’ll alert you and can support recovery efforts.

Assess your fleet readiness for electric vehicle transition

Transitioning towards an electric vehicle fleet needs careful analysis of operational and daily mileage patterns. Trip history and KM/L assessments will help you understand carbon impact and identify where electric vehicle transition is an option.

Early notification of potential accidents on the road

Our vehicle tracking solution features First Notification of Loss (FNOL) alerts. If there is a suspected incident you can quickly inform your insurer. Alternatively, we can alert them on your behalf.

Reduce fleet maintenance, fuel and operational costs

Manage the likelihood of incidents through driver behaviour scores, use dash cam footage as proof of fault and protect assets with Thatcham-approved technology.

Reduce impact environmental impact

Trip history and KM/L assessments for each vehicle help reduce fuel consumption, and understand your carbon impact. In addition, identify where electric vehicle transition is an option.

Improve the customer service you deliver

Provide reporting on attendance to customer locations, accurate estimated time of arrival and links to live locations to keep customers informed and satisfied.

Industries we help

Easy-to-use vehicle tracking software

Our web-based vehicle tracking software is simple to use and offers fleet managers a range of features and insights. It is also available on a mobile app, offering flexibility for business owners and fleet managers who are often out of the office.

Supported by best-in-class vehicle trackers, our Kinesis software platform gives you the information and data needed for effective and efficient fleet management. Beyond fleet tracking, take advantage of dash cam and asset tracking solutions, for complete control and coverage.

Encourage safe driver behaviour and ensure vehicles are at peak performance

Use proactive alerts and driver behaviour scores to understand when particular employees may be speeding, harsh braking regularly, or driving erratically.

Vehicle maintenance reports ensure each asset remains at peak performance and warning signs are picked up quickly.

Set up geofences to generate alerts based on a specific area or point of interest

Set-up geofences for specific locations and areas, to help manage your fleet more effectively. Receive alerts when geofences are triggered – for example when a vehicle enters or leaves the defined area.

This functionality helps to protect against unauthorised movements of vehicles, and track when vehicles have arrived or left key locations.

Link your Radius Shell fuel card to reduce fuel costs

You can easily link your Radius Shell fuel card with your vehicle tracking system to achieve insights on fuel consumption and cost per vehicle or groups of vehicles.

Receive detailed reports to identify vehicles and drivers that are achieving excellent fuel consumption, and those that may be costing your business more than necessary.

Add greater functionality and gain more fleet insights

We can help you customise your vehicle tracking solution by adding additional features such as CAN data, vehicle diagnostic fault code data, immobilisation for off-road vehicles, driver ID, remote tachograph download, temperature monitoring and integrated dash cams.

These features increase the insights you'll gain, allowing you to understand more about your fleet performance, compliance and cost.

Hard-wearing GPS vehicle tracking technology

We have a wide range of “GPS tracker” devices to create the right solution for your business, whether you need car tracking, van tracking, HGV tracking, or even electric vehicle tracking.

Our range of GPS vehicle tracking devices provides all you need for essential vehicle tracking, while we also offer a more advanced vehicle tracking device to collect more data from the CAN system on your fleet vehicles.

Whatever your requirements, we will have a vehicle tracker that delivers the telematics data and information to help you achieve effective fleet management.

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