GPS fleet tracking to streamline your operations

Improved fleet efficiency and performance

Enhanced driver safety by monitoring and addressing risky driving behavior in real-time

Cost savings by reducing fuel consumption, improving overall fleet operations

Fleet management solutions to drive your business

Gain visibility of your fleet

With fleet tracking, you can view the real-time location of your fleet of vehicles, and review past journeys and routes.

Reduce operating costs

Maximize fuel consumption, cut wasted mileage and reduce vehicle wear and tear.

Improve driver safety

Track driver behavior and encourage the development of safe driving practices. Incentivise drivers for good performance.

Enhance security

Aid the recovery of a stolen vehicle, and be alerted to unexpected movement of vehicles fitted with a GPS car tracking system.

Why Radius offers the best fleet tracking system in the US

Radius stands out as the premier provider of vehicle telematics solutions in the US due to our robust and hard-wearing GPS vehicle tracking technology. This advanced technology ensures your fleet manager has access to accurate and reliable data under any condition.

Whether it's navigating through urban canyons of towering buildings or traveling through remote rural landscapes, Radius' GPS fleet telematics technology maintains a consistent and high-quality signal. This resilience against environmental and man-made obstacles guarantees businesses and fleet managers always have a precise overview of their fleet's location and condition.

How our fleet tracking devices work

Our fleet GPS tracking devices are designed to provide businesses with comprehensive oversight and detailed insights into their fleet operations. With real-time location tracking and journey history, fleet managers can accurately predict ETAs, ensuring customers are kept informed and satisfied.

Additionally, our vehicle tracking software has the ability to establish geofences around critical or restricted areas adding another layer of operational control. Alerts for movements into and out of these designated areas enhance security and compliance, allowing for a swift response to any unauthorized vehicle activity.

Our GPS tracker device also has the capability to track and analyze driver behavior in real-time. This functionality not only identifies unsafe practices such as speeding or harsh braking but also helps recognize and reward drivers who consistently adhere to safe driving standards.

The addition of Driver ID technology ensures every trip is associated with a specific driver, making it easier to provide targeted feedback and training through the Radius driver app.

Key features of fleet tracking

Our fleet tracking solution allows you to maximize fleet productivity.

Real-time location tracking: Our system integrates seamlessly with Google Maps, giving you a live map view.

Journey history: Get detailed information about past journeys and the routes taken.

Estimated time of arrival (ETA): Our system provides precise information about when a vehicle is expected to reach a destination.

Geofences: You can set up geofences to monitor specific areas and receive alerts in case any of your vehicles enter or leave these locations.

Driver behavior monitoring: Our fleet vehicle tracking system allows you to track and evaluate driver behavior, promoting safer driving practices.

Detailed reporting: Access a wide range of reports that provide valuable insights into your fleet's performance.

Fleet grouping: Organize your vehicles into different teams or groups for easier fleet management and monitoring.

Mileage tracking: Keep track of private and professional mileage for tax and reporting purposes.

Fuel consumption: Cut wasted mileage and ensure good driving practices to optimize fuel consumption and cut fuel costs.

Two HGVs and a van parked outside a building

Benefits of fleet tracking for businesses

Cost savings

By examining the information gathered by a fleet tracker, companies can pinpoint opportunities for saving money. This includes streamlining routes to decrease fuel usage, minimizing idle time, and preventing fleet damage by scheduling proactive vehicle maintenance.

Driver behavior monitoring

Fleet tracking enables the analysis of driver behavior, identifying risky driving habits that can cause accidents or vehicle wear and tear, promoting safer and more cost-efficient driving practices.

Insurance benefits

Many insurance providers offer discounts for fleets equipped with a GPS tracking device. By demonstrating a proactive approach to preventing vehicle theft, you can negotiate lower insurance premiums for your fleet.

Enhanced security

Our fleet tracking system provides an added layer of security by enabling real-time monitoring and tracking of your fleet. In the event of vehicle theft or unauthorized use, these systems can help recover stolen vehicles quickly and increase the chances of apprehending the culprits.

Improved customer service for fleets

GPS fleet trackers allow businesses to give customers timely updates on delivery status and location. This transparency builds trust, customer satisfaction, and reliable service.

Theft protection

The presence of a tracking device acts as a deterrent against theft, as potential thieves are less likely to target vehicles equipped with a fleet tracking device. In the unfortunate event of vehicle theft, the tracking system facilitates stolen vehicle tracking, aiding the recovery of the vehicle and minimizing potential losses.

Software that's easy to access and simple to use

When it comes to fleet tracking, you want a platform that's built around you. Our vehicle tracking solutions are delivered through our cloud-based Kinesis platform, giving you easy access to drive fleet management effectively.

Our map view, integrated with Google Maps, gives you live tracking of all vehicles with a fleet tracking device fitted. The system also allows you to playback journeys, to see where your fleet was in the past and routes they traveled.

Set up geofences to monitor specific locations, view driver behavior information to improve driver safety, and access a range of reports that supports your fleet management. Kinesis gives you the tools you need to drive efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety.

Fleet tracking technology

At Radius, we have a range of GPS fleet tracker devices available to suit your needs, that can be self-installed by you, or installed professionally by an engineer.

Our self-install vehicle tracking device options are powered either by the vehicle battery or via the vehicle ODB port, through which they capture additional data from the vehicle. We'll recommend the right GPS tracker, based on your fleet tracking solution requirements and needs.

We also offer vehicle cameras and asset tracking as part of our telematics solution, these can be paired with your fleet tracking and managed with our Kinesis fleet tracking software.

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