Commercial EV charging stations

Generate an additional revenue stream for your business

Attract new and loyal customers to your business

Get ahead of competitors who are yet to invest

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What are commercial EV charging stations?

Commercial EV charge points allow customers to recharge their electric vehicles whilst visiting various business premises such as retail locations, hotels, and gyms. To cater to the increased demand and usage, commercial chargers are designed to be more powerful and robust compared to standard home chargers. This allows for faster charging times and ensures that electric vehicle owners can quickly recharge their vehicles while on the go. Businesses often charge the customer a fee for the energy used during a charge session. This not only helps cover the initial installation costs in the short term but also translates into profits, generating an additional revenue stream in the long term. 

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Best commercial EV charge points

Autel Maxicharger AC

  • Available with a power rating of 7.4kW and 22kW 

  • Compatible with the Radius Charge app 

  • Incorporated PME fault detection  

  • Universal Type 2 EV charger  

Autel Electric Charger

Autel Maxicharger DC

  • A compact unit that offers up to 240kW of DC power  
  • Compatible with the Radius Charge app 
  • 21.5” LCD touch screen for advertising and charge point control 
  • Universal CCS2 or CHAdeMO connection options 
EO Electric Charger

EO Genius 2 

  • Available with a power rating of 22kW  

  • Compatible with the Radius Charge app 

  • Restrict user access using RFID cards or app authentication 

  • Universal socket or tethered (Type 1 or 2) 

Benefits of commercial EV charging

Get ahead of competitors

In the near future, every business with parking will need to install EV chargers to meet the needs of their customers. By investing in EV charging infrastructure now, you can get ahead of competitors that are yet to install chargers at their premises.

Attract new, loyal customers

EV drivers will be inclined to choose your business over another without charging facilities. Charging infrastructure can encourage longer stays and increase a customer’s average spend whilst they charge their EV during their visit.

Generate an additional revenue stream

By setting tariffs and charging customers fees for the energy used during a charge session, your business can generate an additional revenue stream in the long term. In addition, businesses can drive revenue by cross-selling other products and services while your customers charge.

Brand awareness

By offering commercial charging facilities at your business, you can attract customers by making your location visible on public charging maps and mobile apps. Additionally, you can customise your charge points by adding your brand colours and logo to increase brand awareness, improve your corporate image and showcase your commitment to sustainability.

A futureproofed solution 

Our charging solutions are designed to support businesses of all sizes, with the capability to scale with your business as it expands. This flexibility ensures that you won't have to worry about investing in new charging solutions every time your business grows.

Reduced carbon footprint

By installing EV chargers, your company can take steps toward your ESG climate goals and demonstrate your commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, EV chargers can help attract and retain environmentally conscious talent and customers.

Commercial EV charging station installation

To get started, we'll send you a short survey with a few questions to better understand your site requirements. In some cases, we may also send a certified installer to perform a physical survey of the premises.

Depending on your needs, you may be asked to upgrade your electrical system with your electricity grid operator.

Our team of EV experts will work closely with you to develop a customised charging strategy and help you select the hardware that best meets your needs.

Once we've finalised the strategy, we'll schedule an installation date. Our certified installers will then implement your charging infrastructure according to the agreed specifications.

After your hardware is installed, we’ll get you set up on our user-friendly software platform, so you can oversee and manage your EV estate with ease.

Throughout the process, our support team will be available to assist you every step of the way. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, the Radius Charge team is here to help.

Commercial EV charging cost

Typically, commercial EV chargers are more expensive than your average home charger due to their larger size and higher power capabilities. Businesses and public spaces need chargers that can accommodate multiple vehicles and meet shorter charging times, which requires a higher power capacity.

Other than the initial hardware costs, businesses must also take other expenses into consideration when planning an EV charging strategy. These include installation costs, which depend on site preparation, civils requirements and potential electrical infrastructure upgrades. Other considerations include maintenance costs, energy costs, network connectivity costs and EV management software subscriptions.

Speak to our expert team for more information on commercial charging prices.

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Ideal locations for commercial chargers


Support your staff in their switch to electric vehicles with commercial workplace EV charging. By installing charge points at your workplace, employees can conveniently charge their EVs during the work day, increasing employee satisfaction and positively impacting your company’s reputation.


Attract and retain new and existing customers by installing commercial EV chargers at your retail location. Enhance your customer’s overall shopping experience, encouraging them to spend more time and money at your business. Charge points not only address the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure but also position your retail business as environmentally conscious and forward-thinking.


Encourage electric vehicle drivers to visit and spend longer periods of time at your business by installing and monetising your chargers. Elevate your customer’s charging experience and generate an additional revenue stream for your business.

How to make money from a commercial EV charging station

There are a few ways your business can profit from commercial EV charging:

1. Set charging fees for customers 

One of the simplest methods to ensure a steady income through EV charging is to establish charging fees. As the owner of the charge point, you have the authority to determine the fees and modify them when necessary. This could consist of a flat session charge or a flexible rate depending on the amount of energy consumed by the user.

2. Cross-sell other products and services

As your customers wait whilst their EVs are charging, there is an opportunity to cross-sell other products and services that you offer at your business. By offering a positive, hassle-free charging experience, your customers are encouraged to explore and browse other offerings while they wait.

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