Fuel cards to save your business time and money

Unlock fuel savings across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Access over 1,900 fuel stations and 1,400 charging points

Pay the same price across our island of Ireland network

Manage your business fuel more effectively

We have been helping businesses grow across Ireland for 30 years by providing a one-stop solution for mobility customers from SMEs to multinationals. We own and operate the DCI network, Ireland's premier fuel card, providing innovative fleet solutions to 50,000 customers in Ireland.

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Our network

We own and operate the DCI network, Ireland's premier fuel card, providing innovative fleet solutions to 50,000 customers across Ireland. We’re the largest network of any fuel card provider, with over 1,900 sites offering full geographical coverage North and South, including HGV, 24-hour and branded sites. 

EV customers can access over 1,400 charge points, making DCI the ideal solution for mixed fleets. European haulage customers can utilise our 10,000 sites across Europe. Our extensive network means minimum route deviation and maximum fuel efficiency.


How can customers find a station on the DCI network?

We have an app - e-route, that enables route planning with Google and Apple Maps integration and is updated daily. You can add DCI refuelling stops along your journey in advance and filter to view 24-hour, HGV or Adblue stations.

Save time

Fill up at locations convenient to you with full geographical fuel station coverage across Ireland. Find stations and map your journey with our e-route tool, as well as paperless Revenue and HMRC compliant invoices, automated payments and straightforward admin.

Save money

Market tracking and competitive fuel cards that help you save each time you fill up. Choose between a reactive fixed weekly price or a guaranteed saving off the pump price.

Easy online management

Manage your cards, invoices, transactions, alerts, limits and more online with Radius Velocity. You can also access a range of reports to better understand usage and driver behaviour. A personal account management service is available for fleet customers.

More than just fuel

Link your Radius fuel card with a Radius telematics device to achieve optimal fleet efficiency. Add carbon offsetting for your business fuel, access sustainable HVO fuel, and get hybrid or EV charging cards. You can also use your fuel card to purchase other vehicle-related products like AdBlue®.

How it works


A few quick questions

Tell us a bit about your business and what you need.


The best solution

We filter through our wide range of fuel cards to provide the best product for you.


Fill up and start saving

Apply for your fuel cards online or by phone, then use them across Ireland, UK and Europe for discounted prices.

Find your fuel card

What are the benefits of fuel cards?

Fuel cards help mobility businesses accelerate their productivity and achieve maximum time and cost efficiencies while managing business risk. They work like a credit card allowing you to pay for fuel and other vehicle-related items, which is then paid via an invoice. 

Our local team match customers with the right fuel cards whether they want guaranteed savings at the pumps or market reactive pricing - our pricing tracks global markets to ensure reactive and competitive pricing, with customers receiving weekly price notifications.

But it's not just access to the largest fuelling network or the best fuel prices; our fuel cards are managed via Velocity, our award-winning account management portal, which helps customers maximise fuel efficiency and increase driver safety while lowering risks and business costs. With our fuel cards, you can pay for additional products such as AdBlue or add a toll tag to ensure more efficient journeys. 

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Manage your fuel cards with Velocity

Velocity comes standard with all our accounts and provides a complete overview of your fuel cards, telematics and costs. Enabling you to spend less time on administration and more on your business. Velocity will maximise your fuel efficiency and increase driver safety, lowering your risks and business costs.

  • Invoices: View and download your HMRC/Revenue compliant invoices.
  • Set alerts: Set up custom alerts on spending, fuel amounts, and more.
  • Manage your fuel cards: Order new cards, block lost or stolen fuel cards and request a replacement, get PIN reminders.
  • Manage groups: Create groups aligned with your business to simplify admin.
  • Run reports: Better understand fuel usage and driver behaviour, review purchases made by date, location, or driver.
  • Integrate: Add other fleet, mobility, and connectivity solutions like telematics, telecoms, insurance, vehicle solutions, and EV.

How can fuel cards help deliver optimal fleet performance?

On top of the significant business benefits our fuel cards produce when fully integrated with a Radius telematics device, they generate a new level of business intelligence across your fleet, enabling tailored efficiencies through data analysis and optimal fleet performance.

By linking your fuel cards and Radius telematics devices, you can identify, analyse and stop fuel fraud through our geo-location technology, which highlights card and vehicle separation. 

You can locate and analyse driver and vehicle inefficiencies, highlighting inadequate driving or defective vehicles to increase MPG. Additionally, you can create and analyse location and vehicle cost groups to determine the optimal fleet size and structure to generate maximum return on fuel, vehicle, and driver costs.  

Our Radius Connected Fleet customers receive proactive support to help analyse and achieve optimal fleet efficiency, and all accounts, including invoicing and business analysis, are managed via Velocity.

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Fuel cards for businesses of all sizes

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Sole traders

Great prices on fuel across Ireland and receive one invoice every week. Reduce and simplify your expenses.

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Get straightforward, automated payments that make admin easier and save time. Save money on your fuel bills.

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Get specialised Fleet fuel cards with access to over 1,900 stations or HGV fuel cards with over 650 accessible stations.


Fuel card solutions from Radius

Save with commercial pricing or guaranteed saving off pump price

Our pricing tracks global markets to ensure reactive and competitive pricing, with customers receiving weekly price notifications.

Largest fuel card network

We offer the largest network of any fuel card provider in Ireland with over 1,900 sites offering full geographical coverage across Ireland, plus an extended GB and European network.

Paperless revenue-compliant invoices

View and download invoices from your Radius Velocity online management portal for easy business fuel claims.

Automated payments

Set up a direct debit for your fuel payments every week.

E-route journey planner

Search for stations near you that accept your fuel card with our free app.


Get insights and analysis in a detailed report delivered to your inbox each month. Match fuel cards to vehicles/drivers to reduce fraud and identify inefficiencies.

Custom alerts

Set up custom alerts and limits for spending, fuel amounts and create groups aligned with your business to simplify administration.

Full fleet and invoice management

Take full control over your spending. View purchases made by date, location or driver.

Additional benefits

Get more from your fuel cards

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EV charge cards

Our REV EV charging card is the perfect mixed-fleet fuel card, suitable for charging hybrid or electric vehicles, as well as purchasing traditional fuel all with one card.

AdBlue® and other products

Purchase AdBlue® and other vehicle-related products like oils and lubricants with your fuel card and have it included in your weekly invoice.

Toll Station

Add a toll tag to your fuel card account to pay for tolls in Ireland, the UK and Europe. Skip the queue and automate your toll payments to save time.

Carbon offset for your fleet fuel
Carbon offset for your business fuel

Offset 100% of your carbon emissions from the fuel you buy with the Radius Future programme and our partnership with Forest Carbon.


Supporting your business

Our support doesn't end when you receive your fuel cards. Our team of over 2,800 experts are here for you at every step, helping you improve productivity and efficiency.

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Dash cams, vehicle and asset trackers can lower your insurance costs and provide greater insight into driver performance.

Widest range of products available

Over 600,000 vehicles tracked

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Vehicle solutions

Lease or hire diesel, petrol and EV vehicles including Iveco, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz, Citröen, Ford and more.

Flexible hire options

Hire, lease and sale and leaseback options

Frequently asked questions

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We are an internationally-acclaimed provider with numerous awards for our products and services.


Choose from our range of fleet, mobility and connectivity solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs.


Use our award-winning technology and services to save your business time and money.

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