Best fuel cards for sole traders and self-employed contractors

Pay the same price across our island of Ireland network

Access over 1,900 fuel stations and 1,400 charging points

Claim VAT back with Revenue-compliant invoices

Courier insurance

Manage your fuel more effectively

We have been helping sole traders grow across Ireland for 30 years by providing a one-stop solution for mobility customers. We own and operate the DCI network, Ireland's premier fuel card, providing innovative fleet solutions to 50,000 customers in Ireland.

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Can a sole trader get a fuel card? 

The short answer is yes. Fuel cards are a fantastic resource available for any business that requires the use of one or more vehicles to function effectively. Fuel cards for self-employed contractors are an excellent way to manage outgoing finances with weekly invoices, and offer savings to reduce the business impact of costly fuel prices.  

Sole trader fuel cards are a fantastic option to gain more control over your business expenses, especially when faced with regularly fluctuating fuel prices.  

Fuel station worker
Save time

Fill up at locations convenient to you with full geographical fuel station coverage across Ireland. Find stations and map your journey with our e-route tool, as well as paperless Revenue and HMRC-compliant invoices, automated payments and straightforward admin.

Save money

Market tracking and competitive fuel cards that help you save each time you fill up. Choose between a reactive fixed weekly price or a guaranteed saving off the pump price.

Easy online management

Manage your cards, invoices, transactions, alerts, limits and more online with Radius Velocity. You can also access a range of reports to better understand usage and driver behaviour. A personal account management service is available for fleet customers.

More than just fuel

Link your Radius fuel card with a Radius telematics device to achieve optimal fleet efficiency. Add carbon offsetting for your business fuel, access sustainable HVO fuel, and get hybrid or EV charging cards. You can also use your fuel card to purchase other vehicle-related products like AdBlue®.

How it works


A few quick questions

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The best solution

We filter through our wide range of fuel cards to provide the best product for you.


Fill up and start saving

Apply for your fuel cards online or by phone, then use them across Ireland, UK and Europe for discounted prices.

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Best fuel card for sole traders

There are many fuel cards for sole traders available for use in Ireland, depending on your needs, location, and fuel budget. Networks with extensive motorway coverage are convenient providers of fuel cards for self-employed contractors travelling long distances across the country, while cards covering local fuel stations can be beneficial for independent freelancers looking for more convenience in their day-to-day routine. When assessing cost efficiency, you know what your business needs, which is why we're here to help you review your options and find the fuel card that's best for you.

Benefits of fuel cards for sole traders

Save at the pump

Enjoy guaranteed discounts at the pump, or look at weekly fixed pricing if you're covering a lot of miles.

Revenue-compliant invoices

Save time on VAT claims by downloading Revenue-compliant invoices through the Radius Velocity app, claiming your money back with minimal fuss. 

Flexible refuelling

Refuel at your convenience with access to thousands of fuel stations across Ireland. 

Plan your journey

Plan your day efficiently by setting fuel routes on our free e-route journey planning app.  

Pay for toll roads

Pay reduced rates and access express lanes with our toll tag

How can Radius Velocity help sole traders manage their fuel cards?

As a sole trader, time is of the essence. Financial management can take as much time as working, especially when keeping track of multiple invoices and anticipated fuel costs. Radius Velocity helps you manage your fuel cards and expenses with an app accessible on the go, cutting down on administration time and allowing you to prioritise your work.  

With Radius Velocity, you can access your invoices, fuel usage reports, and account history without trawling lengthy bank statements every week. Paperless functionality also offers a lower carbon footprint for your business, compiling all of the information you need in a single portal available online. You can also save money for your business with exclusive offers available to users of the Radius Velocity portal.  

Fleet fuel management made simple with Radius Velocity

Get more from your fuel cards

A line of parked electric vans on charge

Electric and hybrid vehicles

Sole traders with electric or hybrid vehicles can charge up with EV charge cards from Radius, which work in the same way as fuel cards.


AdBlue® and other products

Purchase other vehicle-related products with your fuel card including AdBlue® and lubricants.

Toll Station


Add a toll tag to your fuel card account to pay for tolls across Ireland. Skip the queue and automate your toll payments to save time.

Carbon offset for your fleet fuel

Carbon offset for your business fuel

Offset 100% of your carbon emissions from the fuel you buy with the Radius Future programme and our partnership with Forest Carbon

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