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What is a Thatcham approved tracker?

Asset tracking systems come in different variations. Those that are Thatcham (S7) approved meet the stringent standards set by Thatcham Research, a leading authority in vehicle security testing.  

A Thatcham approved tracker, which uses advanced GPS technology to monitor and report asset locations in real-time, supplies superior protection against theft. Thatcham approval signals the highest level of reliability and security, which makes these devices highly recommended by insurance companies. 

By investing in a Thatcham tracker, you can instantly enhance the security of your business vehicles.  

S7 Thatcham explained

You may wonder what S7 stands for when seen alongside Thatcham. In summary, S7 is a classification for tracking devices which meet specific security standards set by Thatcham. Those defined as S7 trackers supply essential tracking and recovery features for vehicles, offering reliable theft protection.  

To be classed in the S7 category, devices – such as those offered by Radius – must meet rigorous testing criteria to ensure their effectiveness and reliability. This includes the addition of features such as real-time location tracking, tamper alerts, and integration with law enforcement for vehicle recovery. 

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Key benefits of Thatcham approved trackers from Radius

Enhanced security

To adhere to Thatcham’s stringent guidelines, our trackers provide real-time tracking and immediate theft alerts. These result in quick recovery of stolen vehicles and lowers the risk of financial loss.

Lower insurance premiums

A Thatcham approved tracker is recognised by insurers. This results in reduced premiums that can see substantial long-term financial benefits for your business.

Reliable performance

By meeting strict Thatcham standards, our trackers are known for high-quality, dependable tracking. This leads to consistent protection for your valuable assets.

Improved asset management

Monitor asset usage and optimise fleet operations for greater efficiency. Detailed tracking data assists in planning maintenance and maximising asset utilisation.

Theft recovery support

In the event of theft, our support team works closely with law enforcement to achieve swift, safe recovery of your stolen vehicles or assets.

Easy installation

Our Thatcham tracker solutions include a simple setup process. No professional installation is necessary, and our battery-powered devices can be installed in no time.

Why a Thatcham approved tracker is superior to a normal tracker

It’s essential you opt for a Thatcham tracker rather than a normal tracker. As they meet Thatcham research’s stringent standards, Thatcham trackers supply the highest level of protection against theft. They are recognised by insurance companies, leading to lower insurance premiums. Additionally, Thatcham trackers include advanced features like real-time tracking, tamper alerts, and geofence notifications. 

By selecting a Thatcham tracker, your business benefits from increased peace of mind, knowing your valuable vehicles are protected by the best available technology. 

Easy-to-use software

With a Thatcham device installed you can track your assets with our web based telematics software, Kinesis. With real-time tracking, geofencing, and reporting, Kinesis offers the tools to optimise trailer operations for fleet operators.

Integrated with Google Maps, you can monitor asset location, view location history, and be notified of movement into and out of specific locations. Access a range of reports for informed decision-making.

Maximise utilisation, make informed decisions, and improve safety and security with Kinesis.

Thatcham approved tracker installation

Thatcham approved trackers from Radius are built with convenience firmly in mind. Our trackers, both compact and wireless, can be quickly attached to your assets. This means there’s no waiting around for protection and tracking capabilities. The minimal downtime ensures your fleet can remain operational during the installation process.  

Once installed, the trackers seamlessly integrate with our Kinesis software to gain advanced features such as comprehensive reporting features and real-time location data. 

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