The best 360-degree vehicle camera for your business

The Kinesis 360-degree vehicle camera is the finest in its class. On the hunt for the ultimate solution for comprehensive vehicle surveillance? That’s what you get with our 360 dash cam.

Business benefits 360-degree dash cams

Reduce accidents

Our cameras capture high-definition footage, enabling you to identify and correct poor driving behaviour. This proactive step reduces accident numbers, which in turn minimises disruptions and lowers business costs.

Cheaper insurance

With clear video evidence, determining fault in accidents becomes straightforward. As a result, it significantly lowers commercial fleet insurance costs as it provides undeniable proof during claims.

Driver safety

Visible cameras deter hostile actions, enhancing security and confidence for drivers in the process. This delivers a safer working environment and peace of mind for your team.

Eliminate fraud

HD-quality footage provides clear evidence that protects your business from false claims. Facts around incidents are clearly established, and this safeguards your company’s interests.

Key features of 360 dash cams

HD footage: Captures high-definition video for crystal clear visibility.

Remote access: Access footage anytime, anywhere via mobile or web.

Motion detection: The camera automatically records upon detecting movement.

Multi-camera system: Covers all angles - front, side, and rear views.

First Notification Of Loss (FNOL): Immediate alerts for suspected incidents.

High-quality camera footage

Our 360, 24/7 dash cam system supplies crystal clear, high-definition footage that ensures unparalleled visibility of your vehicle’s surroundings. With advanced sensors and high frame rates, our HD camera captures every detail – even in low light or adverse weather conditions.

The 360 camera view prevents blind spots, capturing incidents from every angle. This comprehensive coverage is essential for not just accurate incident reporting, but also efficient fleet management.

Benefits of 360-degree dash cams

Enhanced accident documentation

All perspectives are recorded when you capture 360-degree footage. This offers a comprehensive view for incidents, simplifying accident investigation and documentation.

Cost savings on insurance

With clear, detailed evidence from multiple angles, insurance claims are more straightforward. It often leads to reduced premiums and quicker resolution of claims.

Improved driver confidence

Drivers feel more secure knowing all incidents are recorded. It can also deter aggressive behaviour from other road users and further provide your driver’s peace of mind.

Fraud protection

High-quality, multi-angle footage helps protect your business from fraudulent claims. It offers undeniable evidence to support your case and avoid unnecessary payouts.

Comprehensive monitoring

With cameras covering all sides of the vehicle, you gain a complete view of vehicle operations. This aids in the identification of inefficiencies and areas for improvement.

Legal and compliance assurance

360 dash cam car footage can support audits and legal compliance. The clear, comprehensive footage can be used to ensure your fleet meets all regulatory requirements.

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