Vehicle security camera system

Protect your fleet from theft or vandal

Defend against false insurance claims

Improve driver behaviour with video footage

How vehicle security cameras benefit your business

Reduce accidents

The use of a vehicle security camera can identify poor driving behaviour. This can be the catalyst for targeted training to reduce disruptions, costs, and accidents.

Cheaper insurance

High-quality footage is the clarity needed to uncover fault in incidents. With this clear evidence in claims, it assists with lowering insurance premiums.

Driver safety

Visible cameras deter hostile actions like vehicle theft, enhancing driver security in the process. It also boosts their confidence and overall safety on the road.

Forget about fraud

The HD footage supplied by vehicle surveillance cameras is indisputable evidence of incidents. Your business is then protected from false claims and fraudulent activities.

Accessing vehicle security camera footage with Kinesis

The Radius Kinesis vehicle security cameras provide seamless access to footage, keeping you connected and informed at all times. With our user-friendly, web-based tracking software, you can remotely download and view recorded footage in real-time – whether on a desktop or mobile device.

This capability allows for instant incident analysis where decisions can be made with utmost efficiency. Our Kinesis camera solutions deliver a convenient, effective solution for managing and monitoring your fleet’s security, no matter the time or location.

Quality of our security camera footage

Our vehicle camera monitoring system guarantees crystal-clear HD footage, where every detail is captured with precision. Day or night, rain or shine, our cameras record high-quality video with a consistent frame rate. The result: every incident is documented accurately.

The HD quality is even able to capture number plates clearly, making it a vital tool for incident analysis and potential insurance claims. When you seek unparalleled video quality, trust our advanced vehicle camera technology to get the job done.

Vehicle security cameras combined with asset tracking

Integrating vehicle security cameras with asset tracking supplies an extra layer of security. This combination ensures comprehensive monitoring of your vehicles, where real-time location and visual data can be used to further prevent theft and loss.

With the data gained from asset tracking, fleet managers can quickly identify and respond to potential security threats. Even if a vehicle is stolen, we have a 95% recovery success rate with our accurate, advanced tracking system.

Comprehensive vehicle security camera recording

Our security camera systems offer coverage for all critical areas. Forward-facing cameras capture the road ahead, while internal-facing cameras are used to monitor driver behaviour. This in-vehicle security camera also incorporates advanced AI technology to monitor driver distractions, where real-time alerts are sent to enhance fleet safety and prevent distracted driving. We also feature multi-camera systems which provide a 360 degree view around the vehicle.

With this comprehensive coverage, every angle of your vehicles is documented.

Dashcam fixed to the front windscreen

Real-time monitoring and alerts

Our vehicle security cameras are equipped with advanced features that enable real-time monitoring and instant alerts. With motion detection and AI capabilities, the cameras can identify the likes of dangerous driving, sudden movements, and potential security threats.

When risks are identified, fleet managers receive immediate notifications. By being able to take prompt action, they are able to stay ahead of potential issues. The result: accidents and thefts are prevented.

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