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How Do Vehicle Side Cameras Benefit My Business?

Protect your fleet

Vehicle side cameras help to bolster your fleet security. As they monitor side views, they further deter vandalism and theft. They also supply valuable footage for incident analysis.

Fight false insurance claims

High-definition footage from side cameras further supports your fight against disputes. They offer clear evidence – key for protecting your business from fraudulent insurance claims.

Improve driver safety

Side cameras help drivers be aware of their surroundings. This reduces the risk of collisions and enhancing overall safety for your fleet.

Reduce insurance costs

Clear video evidence of incidents can lower insurance rates as it demonstrates responsible fleet management. Additionally, it can prevent false claims.

Using Kinesis to Access Vehicle Side Camera Footage

Accessing footage from our Kinesis vehicle side cameras is both seamless and efficient. The Radius web-based tracking software allows you to download and review recorded footage remotely, meaning you can analyse any incidents instantly – and respond appropriately.

The user-friendly interface of our Kinesis software makes it easy to locate specific events and manage the footage from any device, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. This remote accessibility of your side camera footage further enhances decision-making and overall fleet oversight.

High-Quality Side View Camera Footage

While they might be an often-forgotten component of vehicle coverage, our high-quality vehicle side view cameras never compromise on quality. These cameras deliver exceptional HD footage, capturing every detail with clarity. Whether in bright sunlight or low light conditions, our side cameras document incidents accurately with clear, reliable video.

This HD video quality is vital for analysing incidents. It can help identify license plates and provide irrefutable evidence in case of disputes. With Radius, up your fleet security and monitoring with our high-quality side view cameras.

Key Features and Benefits of Vehicle Side Cameras

HD video quality

Our vehicle side view camera solutions allow you to capture clear, detailed HD footage. You can document incidents accurately and, in case of disputes, provide valuable evidence.

Enhanced fleet security

Along with front and rear cameras, monitoring the side views assists in deterring vandalism, theft, and unauthorised access. This keeps your vehicles protected.

Accurate incident analysis

HD side camera footage enables precise incident reconstruction and analysis. When effective resolution of cases is required, this can prove vital.

Remote access

Through our tracking software, you can easily download and review footage from any applicable device. This ensures timely access to video files.

Improved driver awareness

Side cameras help your drivers to better monitor their surroundings. Doing so enhances safety and reduces the risk of collisions.

Lower fleet insurance costs

By equipping your vehicles with side cameras, this can result in potential insurance discounts. Cameras are proven effective in lowering accident numbers – and that’s deemed a positive by insurance providers.

Increased Visibility with Vehicle Side View Cameras

Our Kinesis vehicle side cameras significantly enhance visibility for your vehicles. Drivers are presented with a comprehensive view of the vehicle’s surroundings, and this added visibility is imperative for preventing accidents and making safe manoeuvres in tight spaces. That’s because the clear side view footage means drivers are supported in avoiding potential hazards and improving situational awareness.

Additionally, the enhanced visibility gained aids in protecting vulnerable road users – such as pedestrians and cyclists – which further contributes to overall road safety.

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