Radius heads down under

12 April 2022

Our CEO Bill Holmes and one of our longest-serving employees, Karen Shone, visited the Australian office for the first time this week.

As part of the trip, they visited one of our biggest customers, Focus Machinery, which has over 500 telematics devices, monitoring all types of machinery, diggers and attachments. Focus Machinery was an existing client of a company we completed an acquisition of last year in Australia, and it was great to consolidate our relationship with them further. We are now adding additional value to Focus by installing our cameras in all their trucks.

Focus will be the first customer in Australia to be using the Cantrack Protect asset tracking device in all their machine attachments. The devices provided by Focus’s previous asset tracking provider kept getting damaged within three months of use due to the shaking and movement of the machinery. Our Cantrack Protect device is much more resilient and fit for purpose in this environment, delivering increased longevity for the rigours of their business.

Attachments are worth around A$25,000, with some costing as much as A$50,000, so tracking the usage and location is critical.

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