Fuel account and card charges

The table below shows the range of charges applied to our fuel card accounts.  These ad-hoc and recurring charges are applicable to each account and card/s in line with our terms and conditions and are updated from time to time.

Account service charge% FeeSupports the quality and development of the UK Network, products and services provided to all our valued customers.WeeklyPer account
Change payment terms£25.00Administration charge applies when a customer has a change in payment terms (subject to credit approval).Per requestPer account
Copy receipt£10.00A charge applied for retrieving a copy receipt from site.Per transactionPer transaction
Electronic invoiceFree
Fleet Control and Insights**£1.50Fleet Control and Insights assists businesses with the management of their fuel card spend. It supports the identification of unusual behaviour and provides detailed reporting which can be linked to bespoke alerts on the fuel card account.MonthlyPer card
Lost/stolen/ damaged card replacement£10.00Charge applied to protect account from any unlawful usage.Per requestPer card
Monthly card charge*£1.50-£2.50*To cover card manufacturing, distribution, ongoing maintenance and administration costs.MonthlyPer active card issued
Non-usage fee£1.00Inactive card fee applies when no transactions have taken place in a given invoicing period.WeeklyPer card
Paper invoice£8.99Charge applies when a customer requests a hard copy invoice by post.Per invoicePer invoice
Product switch fee£25.00If the customer decides to change products, before the application has been complete, a product switching fee will be applied.Per eventPer card
Returned direct debit fee£25.00 – £100.00All customers must have a valid bank account and sufficient funds on deposit to cover invoices due. If a Direct Debit is not paid by your bank a charge will be made to cover the associated administration fees. The fee will vary based on the size of the returned payment and will also increase for repeated returns.Per eventPer event
Site clearance fee£10.00In the event that a transaction requires manual clearance at the point of sale due to cardholder error, or the card not being present, then a fee will be applied to cover associated administration costs.Per eventPer event
Transaction query fee£10.00To cover the cost of investigating a valid transaction.Per transactionPer transaction
Vehicle check£2.00App that supports and collects defect information from vehicle walk around checks.MonthlyPer registered vehicle, per account

* Card Dependant

For any queries regarding your fuel pricing please refer to your weekly invoice or your account manager.

** Optional

All of our prices are subject to any government taxes, duties, levies and charges at the prevailing rate that may apply from time to time.