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Early notification of plant and machinery thefts to improve recovery

Locate your plant and assets from anywhere

Optimise and get the most from your assets

Prevent cargo from becoming lost or stolen

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What assets do you need help tracking?

Protect your powered and non-powered assets

Our asset tracking system gives you visibility and control. It enables you to see recent asset locations and monitor their utilisation to ensure maximum use.

We have a range of trackers for different needs and can support both powered and non-powered assets.

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Asset tracking and management solutions for all business needs

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Plant and equipment tracking

Track the location of heavy-duty assets such as excavators, forklifts, agricultural as well as construction plant and equipment. Monitor utilisation and help plan for maintenance.

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Trailer tracking

Ensure trailer locations are visible to help optimise your business operations. Previous trailer locations can be tracked using our simple software.

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Stolen asset recovery

The ultimate in asset protection with a 95% recovery success rate. In the event of theft, we help locate your asset and ensure a safe and legal recovery.

Business benefits of asset tracking solutions

Greater security

Protection of valuable assets, plant and equipment helping to prevent theft and loss.

Clear visibility

Monitor remote assets closely, knowing where they are so they can be easily located and recovered.

Lower insurance

Asset tracking systems and recovery solutions help lower the cost of insurance and claims cost.

Increased utilisation

Make sure all your assets are where they should be and operating at full capacity for your business.

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How asset tracking solutions help you

Always connected to your assets

Wherever you are, laptop, tablet and mobile access to the software allows you to see where your asset, plant and machinery are located. 

Optimise the usage of assets

Identify how assets are being utilised effectively to help optimise the size of your asset inventory reducing future investment.

Early notification of plant thefts to improve recovery

If plant, machinery or other valuable assets are moved without authorisation, we’ll alert you, immobilise plant and support recovery efforts.

Reduce your asset insurance costs

Protect your expensive and critical plant, machinery and equipment with our Thatcham-approved technology helping to reduce insurance premiums and increase the likelihood of recovery if stolen.

Prevent unauthorised use of plant and machinery

Secure your equipment with geofence alerts; create a virtual perimeter around your asset or site. If an asset moves when it shouldn’t, you will be alerted and can notify the police, speed up recovery and reduce loss.

Improve the service you offer to your customers

Know exactly where your assets, plant, equipment and machinery are located. This allows you to respond to your customer's needs and improve the service you offer.

Prevent cargo damage, loss or theft

Protect cargo and trailers; receive alerts if they are moved without authorisation.

The ultimate in asset protection with a 95% recovery success rate

Our Stolen Vehicle Recovery solution comprises a Thatcham (S7) and Police-approved (Secured By Design) service managed via an ongoing subscription. 

The package includes free deployment of our Investigations Unit in the event of theft to locate your asset and support a safe and legal recovery. The solution can be used to protect your assets from theft and safeguard your business against fraud, high credit-risk clients and rising insurance costs.

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Monitor and locate valuable assets

Losing track of valuable or business-critical assets like machinery, vehicles, plant and equipment can cost you money to replace, time to recover and potentially lose you customers.

We provide a small and discreet asset tracker that can be attached or hidden on almost anything, giving you daily location monitoring alerts.

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Robust battery-powered asset trackers

Our Neon asset trackers are smaller than a matchbox and powered by an internal battery with a three-year life. The tracker can be easily concealed and fitted to powered or non-powered assets.

There is no complicated installation involved and no trailing wires; simply place the device where required and you are good to go.

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Easy-to-use software

Our web-based Kinesis Pro software is easy to use with a range of features, alerts and dashboards. It offers insights into current and past locations of individual or groups of assets.

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What do our asset trackers do differently?

The innovative technology in our asset tracking devices makes them last for multiple years despite being battery-powered and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Asset trackers are different to vehicle trackers as they use "sleeper" technology; they are harder to detect for professional thieves and with internal battery power, there are no wires to trace from a power source.

Asset trackers can be hidden, easily self-installed and moved between vehicles and machines. They require no professional installation.

Neon Tracker

More than just asset tracking

Fuel card being presented to a card reader
Fuel cards

Fuel cards work like debit or credit cards when you pay at the station, but you can only pay for fuel and other vehicle-related items.

Save on fuel every time you fill up

Access to 86% of fuel stations in the UK

Two vans parked side by side
Vehicle solutions

Lease or hire diesel, petrol and EV vehicles including Iveco, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz, Citroen, Ford and more.

Flexible hire options

Hire, lease and sale and leaseback options

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