Asset tracking software

Enhanced visibility on asset location

Improve asset management and utilisation

Save fleet costs

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How asset tracking software helps businesses

As the name suggests, asset tracking software is a system that allows for monitoring and managing physical assets. This is done with the power of GPS technology. When you have top asset management software in place, you gain real-time location data and insights into asset utilisation. From there, your business operation efficiency can be significantly boosted.

Our software, paired with GPS tracking devices, allows your asset manager to keep tabs on both powered and non-powered assets, maximising efficiency and security in the process.

How does asset tracking software work?

Our asset tracking management software operates using GPS technology to deliver precise, real-time location data for your assets. This is supported by two main components.

Firstly, small yet powerful tracking devices are installed on each asset. These devices then transmit location and usage data to the other main component: our web-based Kinesis platform. The software includes features such as intuitive dashboards, customisable alerts, and detailed reports, all of which allows for the efficient monitoring and management of your assets.

Key features of our asset tracking software

Live map

Live map

Gain a live view of the location of your fleet, with our Live map. Track the location and status of each asset, improving safety and security, and helping you to make informed operational decisions.

Benefits of asset tracking software from Radius

Enhanced visibility

Gain real-time insights into the exact locations of your assets. With our asset management tracking software, this inventory visibility improves operational oversight and supports better decision-making processes across your company.

Improved utilisation

Carefully monitor each asset so they’re hitting peak efficiency. This reduces idle times, enhances overall productivity, and contributes to cost savings.

Theft recovery

Benefit from our high 95% recovery success rate. In the event of theft, our advanced assets tracking software helps locate stolen items quickly, which helps minimise downtime and loss.

Preventative maintenance

Use data from our system to plan and schedule regular equipment maintenance activities. Along with reducing unexpected breakdowns, this proactive approach assists in extending the lifespan of your assets.

Cost reduction

Minimised losses, asset optimisation, potentially reduced insurance premiums – all of this contributes to lower operational costs for your business.

Easy installation

Our asset trackers are battery-powered, compact, and require no professional installation. Their flexibility and ease of use means they can be easily moved between assets.

Accessing our asset tracking software

At Radius, we’ve created our asset tracking software to be accessible both online and via a smartphone app. This dual-accessibility allows you to monitor and manage your company’s assets from anywhere, at any time.

The web-based platform offers comprehensive features, including real-time location tracking and detailed usage reports. The smartphone app matches this with the same robust functionality, allowing you to always stay connected when on the go.

What can be tracked using our software

Trailer tracking

A GPS trailer tracking system to monitor your trailer location, understand asset utilisation, plan maintenance schedules, and boost asset security.

Stationary excavator on a quarry site

Plant and machinery tracking

Track hired assets, plant equipment and machinery to better utilise hire periods. Manage asset returns and pick-up operations more effectively and protect from loss.

Equipment tracking

GPS tracking devices offer valuable asset tracking solutions by providing real-time location data, enhancing equipment management and overall asset tracking.

Construction equipment tracking

Expensive machinery and equipment can be spread across multiple sites, making it difficult and time-consuming to locate. Asset tracking improves visibility and efficiency.

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