EV software solutions for businesses

Access the status of all your charge points across all locations

View detailed usage reports

Manage reimbursements with ease

Your EV estate at your fingertips

With our intuitive software, you’ll have a centralised view and gain complete control over your charge points across all locations. Easily see which charge points are available, which are in use, and if there are any hardware issues, all remotely. This provides you with the ability to manage and monitor energy usage, while keeping track of operating costs.  

Why choose Radius Charge?

A futureproofed solution

Our software solution is designed to meet the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure and scale with your business as it expands.

End-to-end support

Our team of EV experts are here to support you throughout your journey to electric, analysing your business requirements and the software features most important to you, so we can build the perfect solution.

Local presence, national reach

We have offices situated in all parts of the UK, meaning our services are accessible to you no matter your location.

Leaders in the energy transition

Supporting over 400,000 businesses across the globe, we are experts in fleet mobility, sustainability and the energy transition.

How it works


A few quick questions

We’ll discuss your business requirements so we can identify the best EV software solution for you.


Book a demo

Our EV experts will show you the software’s top features and how simple it is to use.


Roll out solution

We’ll get you set up on our platform in no time so you can start simplifying your charge point management.

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Benefits of our EV software

Save time and increase productivity

Reduce tedious admin work by streamlining processes, so you have more time to focus on your business.

Scalable solutions to fit any business size

Our software is futureproofed and supports fleets of all sizes, with the capability to scale with your business as it expands.

Access your EV estate, anywhere

Easily view the status of your EV estate from your mobile, tablet or desktop and control charge sessions remotely.

Eliminate unauthorised use of charge points

By combining our intelligent software with our on-road charge cards, you can restrict access to the charge points so only employees can use them during work hours.

Effortlessly manage reimbursements

Access and download detailed usage reports to reimburse employees for the energy they use, making life easier for both you and them.

Keep your EV estate running smoothly

Access maintenance within the platform to address any hardware issues promptly, to minimise downtime.

Monetise your network

If you choose to offer free charging for your employees to support their switch to electric, billing and reimbursements can be effortlessly managed within the platform. This significantly reduces administrative time and simplifies the process for both you and your employees. With this feature, you can show your commitment to sustainability by supporting your employees' transition to electric vehicles, while also reducing the overall cost of ownership for them. 

By setting your own competitive tariffs, you have the ability to generate long-term income by opening up your chargers to the public. This allows you to stay ahead of your competitors and attract new and existing customers to your business. With this added revenue stream, you can reinvest in your charging infrastructure, expand your network, and improve your overall service offerings.  

Optimise operational efficiency

With access to maintenance and the ability to remotely reset charge points within your network, you can minimise any downtime and ensure a smooth operation of your EV estate. This means that any issues that arise can be addressed quickly and efficiently, often without the need for on-site intervention. This not only saves time and money, but it also ensures that your EV estate is always up and running, providing reliable and convenient charging for your users. 

EV management software that puts you in charge

Utilise valuable data and extensive analytics on charging patterns and usage, which can be used to optimise charging schedules and inform future infrastructure planning. Gain insight into which charge points are being used most frequently and how much revenue each charge point is generating, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to improve your business' profitability. 

Charging wherever you need it

Fleet charging

Futureproof your fleet and get ahead of competitors by implementing an EV strategy that energises your bottom line. Discover enterprise charging solutions that can scale, as your business powers ahead.

Business premises

Discover the power of convenience and support your staff in the switch to electric by installing charge points at your business premises, reducing your business’s carbon footprint and improving employee satisfaction.

Depot charging

Our bespoke depot solutions allow you to have complete control over your charging infrastructure, helping you meet emissions regulations and achieve your decarbonisation targets.

Destination charging

Turn your business into a destination for EV drivers by monetising your charge points. Provide a better experience for your customers and develop another revenue stream for your business.

Developer charging

As more home buyers make the switch to electric, we can incorporate an EV solution into your developments, to stay in line with new building regulations.

Home charging

It’s now easier than ever to power your EV at home with a charging solution that allows you to charge with ease and around your lifestyle.

Other EV charging solutions from Radius

ev workplace
EV charging points

We offer a range of EV charging points to suit your preferences, whether you prioritise power, style, spec, or size. With professional guidance to help you select the best charger for your business needs and expert installation, Radius Charge makes it easy for companies to move towards a more sustainable future.

EV charge cards

It's never been easier to recharge your EV whilst on the move. Empower your employees with an EV charge card that gives them access to one of UK's largest charging networks when they're out on the road.

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