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With a variety of hardware from top manufacturers, our team can find you the perfect charge point that meets all your requirements.

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Our team of EV experts are here to support you throughout your journey to electric, from choosing a charge point to organising your installation and answering any queries you may have.

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We have offices situated in all parts of the UK, meaning our services are accessible to you no matter your location.

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Supporting over 400,000 businesses across the globe, we are experts in mobility, sustainability and the energy transition.

What is fleet charging?

An EV fleet is a group of electric vehicles that are leased or owned by the same individual or organisation. Fleet EV charging refers to the infrastructure and processes involved in charging these vehicles, which are often used by businesses, government agencies, or other organisations. Examples include delivery vans, taxis, or public transportation. Charging an EV fleet typically involves charging multiple electric vehicles simultaneously or consecutively at a central location. 

As more businesses and organisations switch to electric vehicles to save on operating costs and reduce emissions, efficient fleet charging solutions are becoming increasingly important. Having reliable charging infrastructure is crucial for maximising the benefits of electric vehicles in fleet operations. 

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How it works


Create your EV strategy

Our team of industry professionals will work with you to develop a bespoke charging solution that works for your enterprise.


Site survey

We will send out one of our experts to survey your premises, so we fully understand your site requirements.


Choose your hardware

With a range of industry-leading hardware to choose from, we’ll find the perfect charger for your needs.


Expert installation

Our certified installers will implement your EV infrastructure as per the agreed specifications.


Activate your platform

We’ll get you set up on our intuitive software platform so you can manage your EV estate with ease.

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Best EV charging stations

Autel Maxicharger AC

  • Available with a power rating of 7.4kW and 22kW 
  • Universal Type 2 EV charger 
  • Incorporated PME fault detection  
  • Compatible with the Radius Charge app 
Autel Electric Charger

Autel Maxicharger DC

  • Up to 240kW of DC power  
  • 21.5” LCD touchscreen for advertising and charger control  
  • Universal CCS2 or CHAdeMO connection options  
  • Compatible with the Radius Charge app  
Easee Electric Charger

Easee One

  • Charge up to 7.4kW 
  • Available tethered or untethered 
  • Choose from five cover colours 
  • Compatible with the Radius Charge app  

Benefits of fleet charging

Enhanced efficiency

Fleet EV charging infrastructure allows businesses to optimise their charging schedules to ensure vehicles are charging during off-peak hours or when electricity rates are lowest. This level of control maximises operational efficiency, keeping your fleet on the road and minimising downtime.

Fleet management made easy

Combining our chargers with our EV management software makes overseeing your EV estate seamless. You can remotely monitor charging status, analyse energy consumption data and view transaction reports. This enhanced visibility enables better fleet management decisions, such as route optimisation, vehicle assignment and maintenance scheduling.

Scalability and future-proofing

Investing in fleet EV charging infrastructure lays the foundation for scalability and future expansion of electric vehicle fleets. As the electric vehicle market continues to grow and technology advances, businesses with existing charging infrastructure are better positioned to adapt.

Environmental responsibility

Transitioning to electric vehicles and implementing fleet EV chargers demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Not only does this benefit the environment, but also enhances your brand image and attracts environmentally conscious staff and customers.

Lower operational costs

Fleet EV charging significantly reduces fuel expenses compared to conventional petrol or diesel vehicles, resulting in substantial cost savings for fleet operators over the lifetime of the vehicles. Additionally, electric vehicles generally require less maintenance, meaning reduced maintenance and repair costs for fleet managers.

Fleet EV charging installation

Installing EV chargers for fleets involves careful planning and execution to meet the unique charging needs of the fleet.  

Before making any investments, it’s important to conduct a thorough assessment of the fleet's charging requirements, including the number of vehicles, their daily mileage, and operational schedules. We will send out one of our qualified engineers to survey your premises to fully understand your site requirements.  

Based on this analysis, our team of experts can recommend the most suitable hardware for your needs. Our certified installers will handle the entire installation process, from electrical requirements to groundworks. Once installation is complete, we’ll get you set up on our intuitive software platform, allowing you to manage you EV fleet with ease.  

EV charging solutions for fleets

How do EV charge cards work

Charge cards

We understand that ensuring your fleet stays operational is crucial to your business’ success. That’s why we offer electric charge cards as part of our EV charging solutions. With access to one of the UK’s largest charging networks, efficient on-road charging is now easier than ever before.


Effortlessly oversee your EV estate with our intuitive charge point management platform. Gain valuable insights into your energy usage, view transaction reports, access maintenance and much more without any of the hassle.

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