EV chargers for homes and businesses

A range of hardware from leading charging manufacturers

Professional guidance from industry experts

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ev chargers for homes and businesses

Why choose Radius Charge?

The best choice on the market

With a variety of hardware from top manufacturers, our team can find you the perfect charge point that meets all your requirements.

End-to-end support

Our team of EV experts are here to support you throughout your journey to electric, from choosing a charge point to organising your installation and answering any queries you may have.

Local presence, national reach

We have offices situated in all parts of the UK, meaning our services are accessible to you no matter your location.

Leaders in the energy transition

Supporting over 400,000 businesses across the globe, we are experts in mobility, sustainability and the energy transition.

Our trusted partners

We partner with a range of innovative brands to offer you the best choice, support, software, and network access available.

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We’ll help find the perfect charge point for you

EV charger installation

Going electric can feel like a daunting task, but at Radius Charge we strive to make the process as smooth and easy as possible. We take care of the entire process for you, from selecting the perfect charge point, to organising and performing the end-to-end installation, including any civils work required. Our industry experts are here to provide support and guidance every step of the way to ensure a successful installation.  

EV charger grants

There are still a range of EV charging grants available from the UK Government that can support with the cost of installing EV charge points. These range from £350 if you own a flat or live in rented accommodation, all the way up to £14,000 if you own a business premise.  

We supply and install a range of OZEV approved hardware, and as an OZEV approved installer, Radius Charge can support with your application and advise on which grant may be best for you.  

ev charger grants

EV charger cables 

When it comes to charging your EV, having the correct equipment is essential. That’s why our range of hardware options include both tethered and socketed chargers. If you opt for a socketed charger, we can also supply you with a high-quality cable and accessories to ensure your charging experience is as smooth and efficient as possible. 

If you’re unsure, our expert team is always on hand to provide guidance on which option is the best fit for you and your vehicle.  

EV charger cables

Charging wherever you need it

Fleet charging

Futureproof your fleet and get ahead of competitors by implementing an EV strategy that energises your bottom line. Discover enterprise charging solutions that can scale, as your business powers ahead.

Business premises

Discover the power of convenience and support your staff in the switch to electric by installing charge points at your business premises, reducing your business’s carbon footprint and improving employee satisfaction.

Depot charging

Our bespoke depot solutions allow you to have complete control over your charging infrastructure, helping you meet emissions regulations and achieve your decarbonisation targets.

Destination charging

Turn your business into a destination for EV drivers by monetising your charge points. Provide a better experience for your customers and develop another revenue stream for your business.

Developer charging

As more home buyers make the switch to electric, we can incorporate an EV solution into your developments, to stay in line with new building regulations.

Home charging

It’s now easier than ever to power your EV at home with a charging solution that allows you to charge with ease and around your lifestyle.

Bespoke charging solutions designed around you

chargepoint at home

Experience the ease of an EV home charger that adapts to your lifestyle and charges your vehicle swiftly and seamlessly. Our experts will help you find the perfect charge point for your needs and support you every step of your electric journey.

ev workplace

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and improve employee satisfaction by incorporating EV charge points into your workplace. Our team will ensure your charging infrastructure aligns with your business requirements, providing convenience and encouraging employees to switch to electric vehicles.

A line of parked electric vans on charge

Generate a long-term income stream and attract new customers to your business with a commercial EV charging solution. We will work closely with your business to develop a futureproofed charging strategy that can scale as your business grows.

Other EV charging solutions from Radius

EV charge cards

It's never been easier to recharge your EV whilst on the move. Empower your employees with an EV charge card that gives them access to one of UK's largest charging networks when they're out on the road.

EV software

With our user-friendly EV charging software, you can easily manage your chargers at home or your business premises. Providing a centralised view of all chargers across all locations, the software integrates smoothly with daily operations, streamlining charge point management.

Frequently asked questions

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Why choose Radius?

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Choose from our range of fleet, mobility and connectivity solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs.


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