GPS equipment tracking to streamline your operation

Keep tabs on your equipment's whereabouts

Safeguard your assets from theft and enhance the chances of recovery

Optimise the use of your equipment

Take charge with an equipment tracking solution

Enhance oversight of your equipment

Empower your team with the vital insights and tools essential for the proficient management of your equipment assets.

Deter equipment theft risks

Facilitate the retrieval of stolen equipment by monitoring their locations. Safeguard your business against the repercussions of equipment theft.

Optimise equipment use and ROI

By monitoring equipment location and condition, your team can boost utilisation rates, enhancing the return on investment generated by these critical assets.

Boost operational effectiveness

Deploy equipment tracking to streamline your operations, enhancing productivity, accelerating processes, and adapting promptly to fulfil both your business and customer requirements.

Radius offers the best GPS equipment tracking

Upgrade your equipment tracking with our cutting-edge asset tracking technology integrated into the Kinesis platform. Safeguard your valuable assets with real-time visibility, detailed map views, and advanced features including location history, geofencing, alerts, and comprehensive reports.

Our customised GPS trackers are designed to deliver precise tracking capabilities. Empower your fleet management with our solution for enhanced operational efficiency and asset security.

How does equipment tracking work?

Our equipment tracking system operates by using GPS technology to monitor and trace the whereabouts of equipment efficiently. A GPS tracker is typically integrated to provide precise real-time location data.

Asset tracking solutions from Radius come equipped with key features like geofencing, enabling users to establish virtual boundaries on maps. Any departure of the equipment beyond these present boundaries triggers an immediate alert, notifying the user promptly.

The data collected from our equipment tracking software can be analysed to optimise asset utilisation, enhance inventory management, and mitigate the risk of theft. By offering valuable insights into equipment deployment, businesses can make data-driven decisions to streamline their operations, minimise downtime, and boost the productivity of their fleet assets.

Key features of GPS equipment tracking

Amplify your equipment management with our robust asset tracking software designed to streamline your operations effectively:

Real-time location tracking: See the location of each piece of equipment with precise time-stamped location data.

Previous location data: See previous movements of your equipment.

Geofencing: Establish virtual boundaries around designated areas to track equipment movements for enhanced security and efficiency.

Alerts: Receive notifications for real-time updates, informing your team of unauthorised equipment movements within geofenced zones.

Reporting: Access a variety of detailed reports to analyse equipment utilisation, performance, and make data-driven decisions.

Mobile App: Use our mobile app for tracking assets on-the-go.

Product benefits

Benefits of GPS equipment tracking

Equipment theft prevention and asset recovery

A GPS tracking device can deter valuable asset theft and assist in the recovery of stolen plant equipment. By knowing the exact location of your equipment at all times, you can be notified if unauthorised movements occurs, and take action.

Improved fleet management

With a GPS tracker fitted, managers can monitor the location and movement of all heavy equipment in real-time. This enables better scheduling and deployment of machinery based on site needs, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency.

Maintenance scheduling

GPS equipment tracking systems provide accurate monitoring of equipment usage, allowing for detailed tracking of time spent in different locations. This information is instrumental in scheduling timely maintenance to prevent failures and enhance the overall lifespan of the equipment.

Enhanced safety

Asset tracking, through GPS, monitors equipment locations and movements to enforce safety zones, preventing equipment misuse and enhancing on-site safety. Tracking devices offer real-time data, ensuring assets stay where they should, optimising efficiency and reducing risks.

Respond to business and customer demand

With fast access to up-to-date locations, your heavy equipment can be deployed to meet business and customer needs in an efficient and responsive manner. Your team can identify the nearest asset, its status, and make fast deployment decisions.

Data analytics and reporting

Asset tracker systems generate valuable data that can be analysed to gain insights into equipment usage patterns, operational efficiency, and areas for improvement. This information can be used to make informed decisions, improve workflows, and increase productivity.

Equipment tracking software that's easy to access and simple to use

Our GPS asset tracking platform, Kinesis, offers a complete solution for efficient fleet tracking and fleet management, with the power needed for inventory management. With key features like real-time tracking, geofencing, and advanced reporting capabilities, Kinesis provides the necessary tools to optimise heavy equipment operations and boost valuable asset security.

By seamlessly integrating with Google Maps, Kinesis enables you to track the precise location of your equipment in real-time. You can access historical location data and receive immediate alerts when assets move within or outside designated areas. This monitoring feature provides precise control, empowering data-driven decision-making.

With Kinesis, you can ensure continuous tracking and protection of your GPS equipment and assets. This maximises their usage and helps you maintain a competitive edge.

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Equipment tracking devices

Radius offers an asset tracking device that can be self-installed. These battery-powered, small, and robust machinery trackers provide accurate asset location information that's essential for fleet and business management. The installation process for an equipment tracker is straightforward and user-friendly.

Our dedicated team ensures a thorough understanding of your needs to recommend the most suitable GPS tracking device for your specific application.

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