Small asset tracking devices for company equipment

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Integrated software features

What is a small asset tracking device?

A small asset tracking device is a compact, portable unit that monitors the location and status of valuable company equipment. Despite their small size, these devices are a robust solution that can be relied on for long-term monitoring. Add in advanced GPS technology for real-time location data, and you gain continuous visibility and security of assets.

As for which assets are suitable, small trackers are ideal for businesses which need to manage and protect a diverse range of equipment. This can range from trailers to heavy machinery.

Benefits of a small asset tracking device

Discreet protection

The compact size of small asset tracking devices allows them to be easily concealed. They achieve discreet security for valuable items without altering their appearance or functionality.

Portable versatility

Small asset trackers can be used across a variety of equipment and tools. Their versatility means you’re able to track everything from power tools to portable machinery.

Easy installation

Due to their small size and internal battery power, these devices are easy to install without professional help. This saves time and reduces setup costs.

Enhanced monitoring for mobile assets

Small tracking devices are ideal for assets that frequently move between locations. With continuous tracking and management, assets are always monitored – regardless of where they are used.

Cost-effective solution

Small asset tracking devices offer a budget-friendly option for monitoring numerous small items, supplying comprehensive tracking capabilities without a significant financial investment.

Schedule maintenance

Use tracking data to plan preventative maintenance for your small assets. This minimises the possibility of unexpected breakdowns.

How a small asset tracking device is powered

Our small asset tracking devices are powered by long-lasting internal batteries. The use of batteries leads to continuous operation without the need for external power sources. These batteries also provide reliable performance for extended periods, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Radius devices utilise energy-efficient technology to maximise battery life while delivering accurate real-time location data. Its battery-powered design also enhances its versatility and ease of installation. They’re even suitable in remote or off-grid locations where external power might be unavailable.

Where tracking devices can be used


Our tracking devices are perfect for trailers. They offer real-time location data, enhanced security, and better management of trailer inventory, resulting in optimal utilisation and reduced theft risk.

Construction equipment

Trackers are ideal for construction equipment as they provide continuous monitoring of machinery across multiple sites. Along with improving asset security, it’s important for maintenance scheduling.

Plant machinery

Our devices enhance the management of plant machinery, ensuring you always know the exact location and status of your equipment. This prevents unauthorised movement.

Heavy equipment

Heavy equipment, such as excavators and loaders, benefits from our tracking devices through the usual benefits: improved security, real-time monitoring, and better operational control.

How small asset tracking devices integrate with our software

Radius small asset tracking devices seamlessly integrate with our Kinesis software. This software, packed with management features, supplies real-time location updates, maintenance alerts, utilisation reports, and more.

One notable feature is the use of geofencing. Geofences are used to create virtual boundaries, triggering alerts if an asset moves outside designated areas. Another feature is customisable notifications that keep you informed of unauthorised movements, maintenance needs, and other critical events.

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