Agricultural tracking system

Radius is home to the leading agricultural tracking systems. With accurate, real-time tracking, we can help to optimise the performance of your farm fleet.

Why tracking is necessary for the agriculture industry

Agricultural tracking has become a necessity for the industry. With vast areas to cover and valuable machinery in use, knowing the real-time location of assets can prevent theft, optimise usage, and reduce downtime.

Tracking systems deliver detailed insights into equipment performance and usage patterns, meaning farms can make informed decisions about everything from maintenance to resource allocation. Trackers also provide peace of mind by adding an extra layer of security to combat assets being potentially stolen.

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Benefits of agriculture asset tracking from Radius

Put a stop to theft

With the power of geofencing and real-time location tracking, stolen equipment can be quickly recovered. This protects your valuable assets and reduces financial losses.

Optimise equipment usage

Tracking allows you to monitor equipment usage. Paying close attention to this can ensure optimal performance and efficiency across all your assets.

Maintenance alerts

Receive timely notifications regarding equipment maintenance. By doing so, it helps prevent breakdowns and costly repairs – and means your farm can continually operate.

Improve farm efficiency

By tracking equipment movements and usage patterns, you can identify – and correct – inefficiencies. This opens the door to optimising your workflow, which in turn boosts productivity.

Reduce expenses

With efficient routes comes less fuel consumption and reduced operational costs. This all comes from accurate data gained from tracking your assets.

Detailed reporting

Generate detailed reports on equipment usage and performance. These reports support better decision-making and strategic planning.

The best tracking systems built for agriculture

Radius offers versatile tracking devices designed specifically for agricultural use. Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, our devices provide accurate real-time data on equipment location and usage. Whether it’s for tractors, quad bikes, or other machinery, our tracking devices offer reliable – and most importantly, effective – solutions to safeguard and optimise your agricultural assets.

Our tracking devices are also built to last. Our trackers benefit from extended battery life and ensure continuous monitoring without frequent maintenance. They’re also easy to install – no professional help is needed.

Monitor your agriculture assets in style with our software

Our advanced tracking software complements our devices perfectly. The software supplies a user-friendly interface for monitoring and managing your agricultural equipment. Accessible from any device, our software offers real-time updates, detailed reports, and customisable alerts for effective agricultural asset tracking.

Farms are usually home to multiple pieces of equipment. Fortunately, the intuitive dashboard allows for easy tracking of all these assets. Add in features like geofencing and route optimisation, and our software significantly boosts the efficiency of your farming activities.

Agricultural assets for tracking


Tractors are one of the most obvious assets for agricultural vehicle tracking. With real-time location and usage data, this ensures efficient operation, timely maintenance, and enhanced security against theft.

Quad bikes

If you use quad bikes for getting around your farm, then you’ll know how easy it could be for them to be stolen. With tracking and monitoring devices, you can keep an eye on your easily moveable items and recover them quickly.

Farm machinery

Keep tabs on machinery like cultivators to prevent unauthorised use, prevent plan maintenance, and maximise productivity.


Standard farm vehicles can also be part of your agriculture fleet tracking. This tracking can help to manage their use effectively, reduce fuel costs, and enhance overall fleet management.

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