Tractor tracking

Real-time tractor tracking and instant location data

Prevent unexpected breakdowns

Reduce operational costs and downtime

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Why is tractor tracking a necessity?

Tracking tractors is essential for modern agricultural operations – and not simply for location monitoring. Radius tracking systems help to optimise usage, reduce downtime, and ensure timely maintenance for your tractors. Additionally, they keep machinery safe.

Tractors are valuable assets that play a key role in farming activities, and their loss due to theft can cause significant operational and financial setbacks.

By monitoring tractor movements and performance, you can make informed decisions to boost productivity and efficiency. Tracking is also a necessity for large fleets, where all tractors are utilised correctly.

Protection against tractor theft with asset trackers

Protecting tractors against theft is a top priority for all farmers. This is where our asset tracking devices stand at the forefront. These trackers provide real-time location data and alerts, meaning immediate action can be taken if a tractor moves unexpectedly.

Geofencing can be setup where if an asset exits your predefined boundaries, you are notified straight away.

Our asset trackers are discreetly installed to prevent tampering. Plus, if a theft does occur, the tracking system allows for quick recovery by giving precise location information to authorities.

Red tractor on the back of a trailer

Benefits of tractor tracking solutions from Radius

Extra layer of protection

Real-time tracking reduces the impact of theft by supplying instant location data and alerts if tractors are moved unexpectedly. It supports quick recovery and minimises losses.

Greater overall productivity

Monitoring real-time data opens the door to tractor usage optimisation. You can reduce idle time and make sure all equipment is used to its full potential.

Maintenance scheduling

Receive timely alerts for routine maintenance based on actual usage levels. As well as preventing unexpected breakdowns, this extends the lifespan of your tractors.

Cost savings

Operational costs are reduced in various areas through efficient fuel usage, better route planning, and minimised downtime. Maintenance expenses are also lowered.

Fleet management made easy

Tracking the location and status of each tractor makes managing large fleets an easier task. It also results in optimal deployment and utilisation across your farming operations.

Regulatory compliance

Accurate records of tractor usage and maintenance help achieve compliance with agricultural regulations and standards. As a result, your business avoids potential fines and penalties.

Advanced vehicle tracking features for added control

Our vehicle tracking system incorporates numerous advanced features, giving farmers comprehensive control over their tractor fleets. This includes live maps, which allow real-time tracking of tractors – ideal for optimal route planning and timely operations.

Journey history records detail past routes, helping analyse usage patterns and identify areas for efficiency improvement.

Geofences, another advanced feature, enable you to set virtual boundaries around fields and properties, triggering alerts if tractors move beyond your designated areas.

This added functionality enhances security, optimises operations, and ensures your tractors are always where they should be located.

High-quality telematics devices for tractors

Our vehicle tracking devices are built for the demanding conditions of agricultural environments. These versatile devices are equipped with advanced GPS technology, delivering accurate real-time location data and comprehensive performance metrics. Easy to install and durable, they also withstand the rigours of daily farm operations.

For added convenience, the devices seamlessly integrate with our tracking software. That means whether it’s for a single tractor or an entire fleet, our tracking devices offer reliable, precise tracking for you to safeguard your assets and enhance productivity levels.

Telematics Hardware

Innovative tracking software for agriculture operations

Kinesis, our cutting-edge tracking software, is the perfect compliment to our advanced tracking devices. Accessible via desktop and mobile devices, this user-friendly platform is ideal for managing your tractor fleet.

Real-time updates, detailed reporting, customisable alerts, live mapping, and more – you have everything necessary for comprehensive monitoring and management of your equipment.

Once integrated with our tracking devices, the software gives you full control over your agricultural operations.

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