Quad bike trackers for enhanced protection and efficiency

Real-time location monitoring

Prevent theft and improve recovery

Enhance operational efficiency

The importance of using a quad bike tracker

Quad bikes and ATVs are valuable assets that are known to be susceptible to theft and issue. Given their mobility and frequent operation in remote, outdoor areas, tracking these vehicles is imperative for their security and optimal usage. With a quad bike and ATV GPS tracker solution, your business gains real-time visibility. This prevents theft, reduces operational downtime, and enhances asset management.

By using our advanced tracking technology, you can minimise loss while maximising efficiency with your quad bikes.

Benefits of quad bike tracking

Greater level of security

With an asset tracking system in place, this deters theft and provides peace of mind. It also increases the chances of recovering any stolen quad bikes.

Real-time location monitoring

Gain instant, real-time access to the current location of your quad bikes and ATVs. This visibility means you can check they’re being used appropriately and, if needed, quickly located.

Improved utilisation

Track usage patterns to monitor quad bikes are being used effectively, helping to optimise asset deployment and reduce unnecessary wear and tear.

Keep your maintenance schedule

Thanks to tracking data, you can better plan preventative maintenance. Along with reducing the risk of breakdowns, it extends the lifespan of your quad bikes.

Insurance cost reduction

As it reduces the risk of theft and supports stolen asset recovery, demonstrating the use of asset tracking can lower insurance for your quad bikes.

Operational efficiency

Streamline your operations with better asset management, knowing exactly where each quad bike is and how it’s being used – boosting overall efficiency.

Our stolen asset recovery service

In the unfortunate event of theft, Radius’ stolen asset recovery service offers unparalleled support. Our Thatcham-approved solution boasts a 95% recovery success rate, where a swift, safe retrieval of stolen quad bikes and ATVs is always the target. The dedicated Radius Investigations Unit collaborates closely with the police, supplying real-time location data and key asset information to facilitate a legal recovery.

This service not only safeguards your valuable assets, but it also protects your business from significant financial losses associated with theft and fraud.

Our quad bike tracking devices

Our quad bike and ATV tracker devices combine three main qualities: reliability, a compact size, and advanced tracking capabilities.

These devices, powered by an internal battery, require no external power source, which makes them easy to install and conceal. Yet despite their small size, they offer advanced tracking capabilities by utilising the latest GPS technology for accurate, real-time location data. Additionally, long-lasting performance is achieved as the devices are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Our quad bike tracking software

Feature-rich yet user-friendly, our Kinesis tracking software provides comprehensive insights into your quad bike fleet. This web-based platform offers a range of alerts, dashboards, and reporting tools, enabling you to monitor current and past locations of your assets. Add in its intuitive interface, and Kinesis supports effective, informative asset management.

Whether you are managing a small number of quad bikes or a large fleet of ATVs, our software ensures you have all the information you need at your fingertips to improve overall productivity.

Installing quad bike trackers

Installing our tracking device on a quad bike is a straightforward process, one which can be completed without professional assistance. The quad tracker device’s compact, battery-powered design allows it to be easily concealed, protecting it from tampering or detection. Simply secure the device in a discreet location on the quad bike. You can follow our included guidelines to achieve this with ease.

Once installed, activate the device and integrate it with our Kinesis tracking software. This easy installation process minimises downtime for your fleet.

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