Platform overviews

Watch a brief overview of our telematics software and how they can help your business monitor your fleet and enhance operational efficiency.

Kinesis Overview

Dive into our Kinesis telematics platform. This user-friendly software is tailor-made for fleet managers who need to track their vehicles and assets, and gain valuable insights into fleet performance. The platform also offers easy access to footage from vehicle cameras.

Explore our platform overview to see the full potential of Kinesis how it can drive operational excellence, safety and security for your fleet.

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Kinesis Pro overview

Kinesis Pro is our cutting-edge telematics solution designed specifically for fleet managers seeking optimal efficiency. With its intuitive interface and robust features, Kinesis Pro enables real-time tracking of vehicles and assets, driver behaviour analysis, and performance insights, as well as access to footage from vehicle cameras.

Dive into our comprehensive overview to discover how Kinesis Pro can revolutionise your fleet management processes, enhance safety, and drive productivity.


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