Multi-camera vehicle systems to protect your fleet

Gain comprehensive visibility of your drivers' surroundings

Safeguard your business from fraudulent insurance claims

Access high-resolution video recordings remotely

Benefits of a multi-camera dash cam system

Reduce accidents

Multi camera footage can be used to identify drivers that display poor driving behaviour. You can train your drivers so they operate in a safer manner which reduces accidents, disruption and cost to your business.

Cheaper insurance

Clear camera footage of road incidents and accidents from every angle can help determine which party is at fault, with high video quality that can capture a number plate, this can help reduce commercial fleet insurance costs significantly.

Driver safety

Drivers using vehicles fitted with multi cameras benefit from increased levels of security and confidence. Visible cameras on a vehicle's rear, side or windshield, can act as a deterrent against hostile actions against the driver or their vehicle.

Eliminate fraud

Accurate, HD-video quality camera footage can provide evidence that clearly establishes incident facts. This helps protect businesses against false claims.

Gain total visibility of your vehicles on the road

Experience the comprehensive coverage and enhanced safety of multi-camera dash cam systems. With the latest in multi-camera technology, these systems provide a 360-degree view around the vehicle, incorporating features such as a rear dash cam and GPS tracking.

Get real-time insights into driver behaviour, fleet management, and vehicle tracking with crystal-clear video footage that ensures fleet safety and efficiency. Stay informed and proactive with a multi-camera solution that enables you to monitor every angle and aspect of your commercial vehicle effortlessly.

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A tailored multi dash camera solution for your fleet

At Radius, our experts are available to assist customers in integrating the cutting-edge multi-camera dash cam system with their fleet. The solution offered combines fleet tracking, video footage, and driver behaviour monitoring to enhance fleet safety and efficiency. The multi-camera system ensures comprehensive coverage of vehicles, including blind spots and rear views.

Multi dash cam coverage provides unparalleled protection and peace of mind for drivers and vehicles. Radius guides customers in selecting the best dash cam combination for their fleet, with choices ranging from top-tier fleet management to innovative multi-camera solutions.

Two HGVs and a van parked outside a building

Experience a 360 view of your vehicle

Our multi-camera dash cam system offers the convenience of remote video download capability, allowing you to access footage on the go. Along with impressive video quality, our system provides enhanced functionality such as motion detection for detecting unsafe driving behaviour and incidents.

You can strategically place cameras on your vehicle to capture various angles effectively. In the event of dangerous driving or accidents, our system will highlight the driving event and notify your fleet manager. Easily retrieve footage by selecting the specific date and time, enabling you to access it remotely from any location on your device.

Camera views available:



Side view

Rear view

Cargo hold view

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Key features and benefits

Defend your business against false insurance claims

Prevent fraudulent claims such as staged accidents or false liability claims by possessing video evidence of driving incidents.

Driver protection

Vehicle cameras provide a real-world view of the road ahead, and the vehicle's interior, helping to prove liability and protecting drivers from false and fraudulent claims.

Maintain regulatory and compliance requirements of fleets

Ensure adherence to safety regulations and driving standards with documented evidence from vehicle cameras.

Remote download

Eliminate the need for physical retrieval of footage from SD cards, minimising disruption to your business, keeping vehicles on the road and speeding up footage retrieval.

Early notification of potential accidents on the road

All our vehicle tracking solutions feature First Notification of Loss (FNOL) alerts; if there is a suspected incident you can quickly view your multi dash cam footage and inform your insurer. Alternatively we can alert them on your behalf.

Reduce your fleet and asset insurance costs

Enjoy potential discounts from insurance providers for vehicles equipped with cameras, as they have proven effectiveness in reducing accidents, resolving claims and reducing associated costs.

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