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Access to all major energy suppliers across Ireland

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Tailored solutions to suit your needs

There are lots of energy suppliers to choose from and we realise that you don't have time to speak to them all. At Radius, we’ll analyse data, approach suppliers and make recommendations based on what is best for your business. We can do this for businesses of all sizes from a single small shop to a large-scale national chain with over 500 sites.

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Our strategic partners

Business electricity

No two businesses are the same, so we work with the UK and Ireland's biggest suppliers to provide our customers with exclusive and competitive tariffs that meet their energy needs.

With an endless list of suppliers and contracts, we know the market can be overwhelming to navigate. That’s why our experts will go to market on your behalf, comparing the top deals to get you the best business electricity prices. We can advise on ways to save on your business electricity, such as moving to a time-of-use tariff, which allows your business to take advantage of cheaper electricity rates during off-peak times.

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Business gas

Many businesses stick with the same gas supplier over time as they deem it easier, which unfortunately often means that many businesses are on a higher tariff than they need to be. We’ll ensure you are on the best contract for you, and never let you fall out of contract, which could expose you to high out-of-contract rates.

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Renewable tariff

In addition to our business gas and electricity services, we also offer 100% renewable tariffs from leading suppliers. We'll work with you to discuss your ESG/environmental business goals, so that we can recommend the most suitable tariff for you.

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More than just business energy management

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Electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicle charging designed around you. Prepare for the energy transition by installing charge points for homes and businesses.

Hardware from the world’s leading charger manufacturers

Professional installation by our team of experts

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Electric vehicles

We can provide a complete EV solution, from providing a vehicle to charge point installation and ongoing support.

Flexible hire options

Hire, lease and sale and leaseback options

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