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Managing energy consumption should be a top priority for every business, and it's the first step toward reaching net zero.

Our metering and monitoring solutions allow you to track your business’s energy usage, providing detailed insights into how, when and where energy is being consumed. This live data allows us to analyse patterns in usage, that can be transformed into actionable insights to reduce energy consumption and costs for your business. Investing in this intuitive technology can help reduce carbon emissions, and save your business up to 35%.

How it works



We will first install the sub-metering system at your business premises.



We will arrange an energy audit to identify where you’re consuming the most energy and make recommendations based on this.



The next step is to review the recommendations in the audit report and then create the energy monitoring dashboard to track the energy management.



Training will be provided for those in the business that will access the dashboard, including what to look for and how to set KPIs to ensure the energy reduction targets are met.



The monitoring and reporting will be ongoing to ensure the reductions are being realised, consumption is reduced, and cash savings are matching the strategy.

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Live data

Before we can manage energy consumption, we must first understand where it is being consumed and why. We can view your data in real-time dashboards, to build up profiles of consumption including peak times of the day, spikes in usage, and irregular consumption.

Actionable insights

We’ll provide insights into your live data and establish trends so that we can make suggested recommendations to help reduce your business's carbon emissions. We can measure the success and ROI of these recommendations through the same piece of software.


We’ll use the detailed insights to inform energy investment decisions and identify the best solution for you. For example, we can use your data to work out how much solar energy would be required, or if you should move to heat pumps.

More than just metering and monitoring

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Electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicle charging designed around you. Prepare for the energy transition by installing charge points for homes and businesses.

Hardware from the world’s leading charger manufacturers

Professional installation by our team of experts

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Electric vehicles

We can provide a complete EV solution, from providing a vehicle to charge point installation and ongoing support.

Flexible hire options

Hire, lease and sale and leaseback options

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