Insurance approved vehicle trackers

Insurance approved vehicle trackers can support your business operations by lowering your fleet costs and protecting your drivers.

Any driver policy: what does it mean?

What is an insurance approved tracker?

An insurance approved vehicle tracker monitors the real-time location and movements of a vehicle. As for the ‘insurance approved’ part, these trackers meet specific standards set by insurance companies. Their enhanced security features and accurate tracking data are recognised by insurers, which leads to lower insurance premiums.

Insurance approved trackers are essential for vehicle protection. They ensure vehicles can be quickly located and recovered in the event of theft, ultimately saving your business from significant financial losses.

Why you need an insurance approved tracker 

You want to protect your valuable assets and reduce operational costs. These two reasons alone are why an insurance approved vehicle tracker is a must for your business. Our GPS-based devices supply real-time location tracking, which provides peace of mind and enhanced security against theft. By also meeting specific insurance standards, these trackers can offer substantial savings in the form of lower insurance premiums.

Furthermore, the ability to monitor and manage your vehicles remotely improves asset utilisation, operational efficiency, and overall fleet management.

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Key benefits of insurance approved trackers from Radius

Enhanced security: An insurance approved vehicle tracker delivers real-time location data and theft alerts. This ensures vehicles are protected and can be quickly recovered if stolen.

Lower insurance premiums: As our trackers are recognised by insurers, they help reduce your insurance costs. The result is significant savings over time. 

Improved asset management: Track and monitor vehicle usage to optimise operational efficiency, which supports the improvement of overall fleet management.

Geofence alerts: Set virtual boundaries for your vehicles with our geofence alerts technology. You receive instant notifications if your vehicles move beyond their predefined areas.

Easy installation: Our trackers are small, battery-powered, and can be easily self-installed – no professional assistance necessary.

Extended battery life: Our long-lasting battery performance delivers reliable performance and continuous fleet tracking, all without the need for frequent replacements.

Vehicles that can use an insurance approved tracker

Fleet of vans

Optimise the performance of your fleet with our advanced van tracking solutions, designed for efficiency and security.


Maximise logistics efficiency with our truck tracking solutions, tailored for the unique demands of heavy goods vehicle fleets.


Experience unparalleled peace of mind with real-time car tracking, ensuring safety and control over your company vehicles.

Electric vehicles

Embrace the future with our EV tracking, offering electric fleet visibility and insights to drive fleet performance and optimisation.

How our tracking devices work

We have a wide range of “GPS tracker” devices to create the right solution for your business. Our range of GPS vehicle tracking devices provides all you need for essential vehicle tracking system, while we also offer a more advanced vehicle tracking device to collect more data from the CAN system on your fleet vehicles.

Whatever your requirements, we will have a vehicle tracker that delivers the telematics data and information to help you achieve effective fleet management.

Telematics Hardware

Installing insurance approved trackers

At Radius, we offer various GPS tracking devices to cater to your specific needs. You have the option to either install the GPS insurance approved tracking device yourself or have it professionally installed by one of our engineers.

Our self-install tracking devices are powered either by the vehicle battery or connect through the vehicle's ODB port, capturing additional data from each vehicle

Whatever your needs, we will ensure you have the ideal GPS device for your business.

Our stolen vehicle recovery service

Our stolen vehicle recovery service offers unparalleled protection for your business assets. Utilising Thatcham approved (S7) and Garda-approved (Secured by Design) tracking technology, this service means that, in the event of theft, your valuable vehicles can be safely recovered swiftly.

Upon receiving a theft notification, our dedicated Investigations Unit is deployed immediately, working closely with law enforcement to locate and retrieve your stolen vehicles. With a 95% success rate, trust our recovery service to safeguard your assets and provide peace of mind.

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