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Types of motor fleet insurance

Motor fleet insurance comes in various forms to suit different business needs. Third-party only insurance offers basic coverage for damage or injury to others. Third-party, fire, and theft steps this up with protection against vehicle theft and fire damage. Comprehensive insurance delivers extensive coverage, including vehicle damages and injuries to the driver.  Additionally, insurance types are created for specific fleet insurance categories. From company cars to tradesman vehicles, they are tailored to the unique needs and risks associated with specific vehicle operations and industries.   The motor fleet insurance types we cover at Radius include:  

Benefits of motor fleet insurance

Free claim reporting app

Our innovative app simplifies the claim reporting process, allowing your drivers to quickly – and easily – report incidents directly from their smartphones.

Postage paid accident cameras

If required, these can be invaluable in capturing on-scene evidence. They offer a reliable alternative to digital methods.

Driver accident cards

These handy cards provide your drivers with clear instructions on what steps to take in the event of an accident.

Policy register

We maintain a comprehensive register of all your policies.

Claims registers

Our organised claims registers supply a detailed record of all past claims.

Quarterly claims analysis meeting

Meetings are held to analyse your claims, where insights and strategies help reduce future incidents and costs.

Regular service calls to your premises

We believe in personal service, which is why we conduct frequent in-person service calls.

All claims handled in-house

Our in-house team expertly handles all aspects of claims, including the recovery of uninsured losses.

Experienced brokers and bespoke programmes

Our team of experienced brokers designs bespoke insurance programmes, made specifically to meet the unique needs of your fleet.

What is motor fleet insurance?

Motor fleet insurance simplifies the process of managing vehicle risks, giving you uniform coverage across all vehicles in the fleet. It can also cater to the specific needs of your business, covering damages, theft, and liability issues.  

Commercial motor fleet insurance offers coverage for three or more vehicles. The result is a solution that helps business operations run smoothly, all without the hassle of managing individual insurance policies for each vehicle.  

Any Driver policy: What does it mean?

With motor fleet insurance, an Any Driver policy means that any licensed driver is covered to operate the vehicles in the fleet without needing to be individually named on the policy. This offers significant flexibility for your business, as it allows any employee to drive any vehicle in the fleet – without the need for specific endorsements or notifications to the insurance provider.  

An Any Driver policy is particularly beneficial if your business has multiple drivers or continually changing staff requirements. For instance, a delivery company may hire additional drivers to handle seasonal demand.  

However, opt for broad cover like this, and you can expect to pay a higher premium due to the increased risk associated with insuring a wide range of drivers, all with varying levels of experience and driving histories. Furthermore, policies with Any Driver Aged Over 25 coverage have stringent guidelines like a limit on motoring convictions and how long someone has held their driving licence. 

Any driver policy: what does it mean?

Transportation and warehouse insurance

We recognise effective motor fleet insurance extends beyond just vehicle coverage. It involves protecting the entirety of your transport and warehouse operations. To assist our clients in running a more secure, efficient business, we offer a range of added services at cost-effective rates.  

These services include:  

  • Online driver licence checking: Ensure compliance and safety by verifying the credentials of your drivers. 
  • In-cab cameras: Provide enhanced security and monitoring. 
  • SmartWater forensics: An extra layer of security, using advanced technology to protect assets against theft.  
  • Specialist vehicle insurance: Tailored to cover unique or specialised vehicles in your fleet.  

These services highlight our dedication to do all we can to help clients maintain manageable insurance costs, while also guaranteeing comprehensive protection for their business operations.  

Transportation and warehouse insurance

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