Fleet dash cams and camera systems to protect your business

Safeguard your drivers from false and fraudulent claims

Improve fleet safety and driver coaching

Utilise video evidence within your fleet operation

Installing a dashcam to the front windscreen of a vehicle

Fleet dash cams benefits for business

Protect your drivers

Dash cameras and multi-camera systems helps defend against false, fraudulent and malicious claims, minimising business disruption, keeping each commercial vehicle on the road, and quickly resolving issues.

Improve driver behaviour

Ensure every fleet driver is performing well, eliminating distracted driving, providing driver coaching, and helping establishing good driving habits, to ultimately improve fleet safety.

Drive down insurance premiums

No matter the fleet size, use of fleet dash cams helps to reduce risk, and resolve any insurance claims quickly and accurately, helping to cut costs.

Combine a real-world view with vehicle tracking

Whilst a GPS tracker provides location and driver performance data, use of a fleet dash cam to capture video footage enhances this further with a real-world viewpoint. Combine the power of fleet tracking and fleet dash cams.

Fleet dash cam solutions for all business needs

A driver approaching a zebra crossing while its raining
Forward facing camera

Capture real-world video footage of the road ahead, protecting your drivers and allowing fleet managers to see what your drivers see.

A front-facing fleet dash camera is an essential for tool for protecting your drivers and your business.

Dual facing dash cam

Add in-cab video footage to monitor driver behaviour, helping to identify and eliminate distracted driving.

Equip every fleet vehicle with a dual facing dash camera for external and internal visibility, improving fleet safety and reducing unsafe driving.

HGV truck and trailer at a distribution centre
Multi-cam system

'Multi' camera systems are ideal for the commercial fleet, especially those operating larger vehicles such as trucks.

Deploy a number of vehicle cameras to capture multiple viewpoints and perspectives, for total visibility and coverage.

Product benefits

Key features of fleet dash cams

Enhanced fleet safety

Fleet dash cams help to monitor driver behaviour, helping to reduce unsafe driving and reduce the risk of accidents. Use real-world camera footage to aid training.

Liability protection

In the event of an incident occurring, fleet dash cam footage can serve as evidence to determine fault, protecting the company from fraudulent claims and helping to settle disputes more efficiently.

Improved security

Vehicle cameras can deter theft and vandalism, as well as help in the recovery of stolen vehicles by providing real-time fleet tracking.

Operational efficiency

Analysing dash camera footage can help identify inefficiencies in routes or driver practices, leading to more effective route planning and fuel savings

Driver behaviour coaching

Recorded footage can be used to train drivers, showing examples of proper driving practices or highlighting areas for improvement, helping to eliminate risky behaviour such as harsh braking, harsh corning and speeding.

Cost reduction

By reducing accidents, improving route efficiency, and lowering insurance premiums through better fleet safety records, fleet dash cams can significantly reduce operational costs.

Customer service improvement

Real-time vehicle tracking via dash cams can provide customers with accurate delivery times, and dash camera footage can be used to resolve disputes over deliveries or services rendered.

Evidence for insurance claims

Fleet dash cam footage can speed up the insurance claims process by providing undeniable video evidence of the circumstances surrounding accidents or incidents.

Enhanced driver accountability

With cameras, drivers know they are being monitored, which encourages adherence to company policies and road regulations. This improves driver safety.

Theft recovery

In case of theft, fleet tracking location data - combined with video footage - can help law enforcement agencies quickly locate and recover the vehicle.

Reduce insurance costs

With the availability of dash cam footage around any claims or incident, the risk profile of a commercial fleet operator is reduced, helping to drive down premiums.

Over-the-air footage retrieval

Should an incident occur, your fleet manager or other colleagues need to be able to access video footage quickly - not wait to retrieve an SD card.

Commercial fleet dash cam solutions for all vehicle types

High-quality HD video footage

Take advantage of the opportunity to capture HD quality dash cam footage, with our range of vehicle camera solutions.

Whether you opt for a forward-facing camera, a dual facing camera to capture in-cab video footage, or even a multi-camera system, you can access high-quality footage that gives you a real-world view.

Our fleet dash cams and multi camera systems are ideally suited to use on a commercial fleet, offering fleet operators across a range of industries the footage they need to protect their drivers, their fleets and their businesses.

Combining fleet tracking with dash camera video footage

Our vehicle tracking solutions give your fleet manager the tools they need to effectively manage your operation, driving efficiency, improving fleet utilisation and enhancing safety standards.

As a fleet operator, dash cameras give you an additional layer of information, offering a real-world view, combing this with GPS tracking location data.

This combined approach ensures you can protect against false and fraudulent claims, support driving training programmes, and effectively manage the fleet operation.

An employee looking at a map on their laptop

Accessing dash cam footage with Kinesis

Retrieve your footage from dash cameras over-the-air - and take away the need to access physical a SD card to download video content.

Our Kinesis telematics software platform aids fleet management by delivering your vehicle tracking, vehicle camera and asset tracking data in one place, available from anywhere, any time.

Power your fleet operation with  the fleet management software you need to maximise efficiency and driver safety.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions

Two people on a bike waiting for pedestrians to cross the road
Pedestrian AI

Take advantage of an AI dash cam to identify and alert drivers to nearby pedestrians and cyclists.

With pedestrian AI, reduce the risk of accidents caused by blindspots, by deploying an intelligent multi-camera solution that includes front, side and rear cameras.

Drivers receiver an audible alert whenever a potential danger is detected, helping them to manage the risk and react accordingly.

Take advantage of AI dash cam solutions to proactively identify and reduce risk.

A driver yawning while driving their vehicle

Driver Distraction AI

Our dual facing dash cam can also be enhanced with AI to identify and eliminate distracted driving.

Driver distraction AI alerts fleet managers when your drivers are distracted, and also delivers an audible alert to drivers, in order to change the behaviour, whether that be by taking a break or to regain focus.

This improves driver safety, by reducing the risk of accidents. It also helps your fleet managers identify those that might need driver coaching  to eliminate any unsafe driving practices.

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