HGV camera systems to protect your commercial fleet

Get a 360 view of your HGVs

Protect against fraudulent insurance claims

Improve driver behaviour with support of camera footage

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HGV camera systems from Radius

Seeking comprehensive monitoring and safety of your heavy goods vehicles? Our cameras cover all crucial angles with full visibility and detailed recordings, helping to prevent accidents and be compliant with legal standards.

Our advanced camera systems – including dash cams, in-cab driver cameras, side cameras, and rear cameras – can be seamlessly integrated with your fleet management strategy. The result: unparalleled protection and maximised operational efficiency for your HGVs.

Enhanced protection with HGV dash cams

HGV camera systems significantly enhance vehicle safety. They provide full visibility around each truck, where they eliminate blind spots and capture high-definition footage of the road and surroundings.

A commercial vehicle camera system helps drivers make informed decisions, reduce accidents, and improve overall road safety. Continuous monitoring and recording means every incident is documented, offering valuable insights for safety improvements and training.

Parked HGV at a warehouse

Benefits of HGV dash cams

Accident prevention

Commercial vehicle cameras are ideal for reducing the risk of accidents. By being able to monitor driving behaviour and surroundings, you can enhance your HGVs overall road safety.

Insurance savings

With clear, high-quality footage from HGV safety cameras, your business can quickly resolve claims. There’s also a great chance of lowering insurance premiums.

Driver training

With recorded footage, this can be used to train drivers on best practices and improve overall driving standards within your fleet.

Fraud protection

With the scope to generate indisputable video evidence, you can protect your business from fraudulent claims – and ensure a fair resolution to incidents.

Operational efficiency

Truck fleet camera systems allow you to monitor and improve driver performance. This assists with improving operational efficiency across the board.

Regulatory compliance

Comprehensive camera coverage supports adherence to legal requirements and standards.

Collect recorded footage from HGVs

The best commercial vehicle camera systems offer recording functionality – and that’s exactly what you get with our solutions. Radius cameras record detailed, high-definition footage that can be remotely downloaded and viewed online. This allows you to access video footage from anywhere and at any time.

This commercial vehicle DVR means all incidents and daily operations are thoroughly documented. This aids in resolving claims quickly and providing valuable footage for performance analysis.

Benefits for fleet managers

A commercial vehicle camera system can deliver numerous benefits for fleet management. These benefits include enhanced safety, reduced operational costs, and improved driver behaviour. Additionally, the comprehensive coverage provided by these cameras ensures all aspects of fleet operations are monitored and recorded. Fleet managers can access footage and use real-time monitoring to make quick, informed decisions.

A businessperson in a HGV garage holding a tablet

Types of cameras available for HGV systems

Dash cams

Front-facing HGV cameras which capture HD footage of the road ahead. They document every journey and incident for clear, actionable evidence.

Driver facing dashcam

Internal cameras

With these truck monitoring cameras, you can check driver behaviour and conditions from within the cab. Aside from improving safety standards, it supplies vital evidence in case of incidents.

HGV truck and trailer at a distribution centre

Side cameras

Side cameras are best known for helping to eliminate blind spots. They provide clear views along the sides of your HGVs.

Rear cameras

A HGV camera system isn’t complete without a rear view. Rear cameras give a complete view of the area behind the vehicle, which aids in safe reversing.

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