Technology and IT

As a competitive technology company, you will work with best-in-breed technology partners and IT projects that are fast-paced, variable and offer plenty of opportunity to take on additional responsibilities to drive our teams forward.

Working with us

We support the continued growth of the company through the aggressive pursuit of technology roadmaps and ongoing implementation of innovative and cutting-edge technologies and frameworks.

Our culture consistently delivers excellence through technology. This is prevalent across the department and demonstrated through the achievement of industry awards in categories such as Edge Computing Security, Best Use of Cloud and Workplace Transformation.

Developing you and your experience

tech1.webp We work directly with best-of-breed technology providers, building long-lasting strategic partnerships to ensure that both our internal and external-facing solutions are themselves market-leading.

Cyber-Logos.webp Information security underpins all of our technology solutions and business processes. Our commitment to information security practices and process is demonstrated through holding Cyber Essentials Plus certification since October 2016 and being ISO 27001 certified since February 2018.

tech3.webp Teams of developers skilled in a variety of programming languages enable an agile approach to the software solutions that we build.

Career development

We provide support for personal development including mentoring and coaching as well as excellent technical training options to enable all individuals to progress in line with personal goals.

You will have lots of opportunities to learn new skills, hone existing ones and gain valuable experience in how technology can empower a business. The wide and varied remit of the IT department also presents multiple paths for progression.

There is always an exciting mix of R&D projects in our pipeline. We manage and maintain the group’s IT environments, consisting of off-the-shelf and internally developed technologies, and create scalability in existing systems for the expected growth over the coming years.

Team structure

Our IT operations team follows a traditional IT support structure with service desk, IT support, infrastructure and DBA teams. Our structure aligns with ITIL best practice for service delivery and ensures an appropriate yet flexible approach to balancing BAU support and project work.

Our technology team has an Innovation team, which includes technical leads, developers, data engineers, DevOps and hardware engineers; a UX and design team; testing team; and information security team.

Our development teams use a squad-based structure with each squad responsible for specific projects or functionality across our core systems. Independent management, delivery and architecture teams ensure additional support for major projects where needed.

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