10 benefits of fuel cards

Any company managing large numbers of cars or using high volumes of fuel every month can benefit from a fuel card. In this article, we cover all the benefits of a fuel card and how they can help you run your business.

What are the benefits of a fuel card?

Running a business that manages fleets can be difficult. Keeping track of expenses, fuel use, vehicles, tasks and individual drivers takes a lot of time and money. Administration teams can spend hours every week simply filing your drivers' expenses, and these operations can seriously cut down on your company’s efficiency. Many fuel card benefits revolve around ease of management and helping you to run your company smoothly without unnecessary administration costs.  

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1. More control over business expenses

One of the biggest fuel card advantages is the ability to take control of your expenses. Hundreds of payments from drivers to fuel stations are very difficult to keep track of and monitor. With a fuel card, you can access all of the information you need in one place and run comprehensive reports on your expenditure. This can help your business budget more efficiently and predict outgoing costs with accuracy every week.  

Many cards also offer the perk of fixed weekly rates. This means that if fuel prices fluctuate during your active week, you will still pay the same price on your fuel. This is a great way to predict expenses and control your fuel spending on a weekly basis.  

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2. Less administration time

Having company access to a single login for fuel management has many benefits. Fuel card payments are logged in the Radius Velocity platform, compiling hundreds of driver payments into a single portal for monitoring and analysis. This cuts out the hours it takes for administration teams to record and process expenses for individual drivers, and instead allows that time to go towards running reports and planning for more efficient routes and practices.  

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3. HMRC filing made easy

Another of the advantages of fuel cards is the easy access to HMRC compliant invoices. These invoices can be downloaded from your Radius Velocity login and added to your VAT filing without any additional steps. Removing the need to edit invoices and add information manually cuts out the potential for human error in your tax filings, allowing you to file accurately and remain compliant.  

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4. Online planning and management support

Radius Velocity is an easy way to compile all of your fuel management tasks into a single workstream. When your fuel card application is processed, you’ll gain access to your online Radius Velocity login, where you can enjoy benefits such as HMRC-compliant invoices and the ability to run reports on costs and fuel usage. This tool also allows you to cancel cards if they are lost or stolen and reorder them. 

The e-route app is another online resource available to support you and your drivers during workdays. The app helps you to plan driving routes around eligible refuelling stations and cut out awkward last-minute detours. 

5. Loyalty programmes and points

Many major fuel card networks offer loyalty programmes for fuel and car maintenance purchases. Some of the stations these cover include Sainsbury’s (Nectar points), Morrisons (Morrisons More), Tesco (Clubcard points), Shell (Shell GO+) and BP (BPme).

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6. Support for European operations

Our network includes several European countries to assist your business with regular deliveries on the continent. This allows your drivers to use their fuel cards to pay for fuel in specified countries in Europe, removing the need for separate payment and management methods when operating in the EU. Some fuel card plans also offer toll tags for your vehicles to allow them to pass more easily through European toll stations.  

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7. Monitor your fuel consumption

Another of the benefits of fuel cards from Radius is the ability to monitor your fuel consumption through a vehicle tracking device. This will enable you to run reports on your business’ fuel efficiency, allowing you to gain the insights you need to take steps to improve your company’s carbon footprint and make future plans for eco-friendly driving practices. Identifying problem areas is a good way to make positive changes in your operations in future.  

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8. Support for additional fuel types

Our network now offers access to additional and new fuel types such as eco-friendly HVO fuel, which is currently being introduced to fuel stations across the UK. This can help to reduce your company’s carbon footprint without the need to alter petrol tanks or switch out your active vehicles.  

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9. Support for government and public sector organisations

Radius | UK Fuels is proud to have been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) RM6186 framework agreement. This is a stamp of the high-quality services we offer to the public sector, and an assurance that you’re receiving a quality service when applying for a fuel card.  


10. Excellent customer service

Radius is proud to have obtained a 5-star rating on Trustpilot through our UK Fuels division. Our excellent customer service is on hand for any problems you may have, supporting your company through the application process and with your account once you’re up and running.  

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