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Why use our asset tracking app

The Kinesis App is an essential tool for both managing and protecting your assets. Available for free as part of your Radius account, this app allows you to access all of our online software’s powerful features from your smartphone. This convenient solution allows you to receive regular notifications of asset locations, view historical data, run comprehensive reports, and much more. There are no limitations.  

Whether you want to manage your fleet of vehicles, machinery, or any other equipment, the Kinesis App provides the visibility and control necessary for effective asset management. 

Benefits of our asset tracking app

Receive instant notifications

Stay updated with real-time push alerts when your assets move unexpectedly. These notifications arrive when an asset leaves a set predefined boundary, enhancing security and operational control.

Historical data access

Our software keeps track of your historical data. Through the app, you can review past asset locations to analyse usage patterns and use this information to optimise asset management strategies.

User-friendly interface

The app was constructed to be completely user-friendly. With its intuitive design, you can navigate the app easily for quick access to essential information and features to manage and track your assets in real time.

Convenience in your pocket

There is no need to get to a desktop computer. You access the app through your mobile device, meaning it can be accessed anytime, anywhere on any device with an internet connection. The result: efficiency is maximised.

Free to use

There is no added one-time fee or subscription cost applied. Our asset tracking app is completely free to download and use for our customers.

Cross-platform availability

With our asset tracking app, Android and Apple users will not have any trouble using this solution. It is cross-platform availability means flexibility and convenience for everyone on any device.

Keep your assets protected with real-time alerts

Receive instant push notifications

One of the standout features of the Kinesis App is its ability to send instant push notifications when any assets leave a preset location. By setting up a geofence, you have the ability to create a virtual perimeter around your valuable assets. If any vehicle or equipment moves beyond this boundary without prior authorisation, you will be alerted immediately.  

This feature is imperative for ensuring the safety of your assets. By preventing theft, it provides peace of mind – as well as enhanced security for your business operations. 

Why our tracking solutions are unparalleled

Our asset tracking devices

There is no need to worry: our cutting-edge asset tracking devices integrate seamlessly with the Kinesis App. Whenever you order new devices, they’re automatically added to your account and app. This makes the setup process an effortless one.  

As for the tracking devices themselves, they are suitable for both powered and non-powered assets. These robust, reliable tracking solutions offer features like real-time location data and sleeper technology for theft prevention. Should a theft occur, then you will be able to track its location in real time and it will help the authorities with locating and retrieving your property. When combined with our software and Kinesis App, you gain comprehensive asset protection and management.  

Telematics Hardware

Mobile compatibility

We want to make sure as many customers as possible can use the Kinesis App. This is why we have made it available for both Apple and Android users.

Apple Devices

Available on iOS, the asset tracking app for iPhone and iPad devices ensures Apple users can effortlessly manage and track their assets.

Android Devices

Compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, the Kinesis App gives Android users the power to manage their assets on the go.

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