Protecting your diggers and excavators from theft with GPS trackers

Enhanced security with GPS trackers

Operational and maintenance benefits

User-friendly system and recovery service

Using GPS trackers to protect diggers and excavators against theft

Using GPS trackers to protect diggers and excavators involves the installation of robust, battery-powered tracking devices on your equipment. These devices transmit real-time location data, and this data is used to monitor and manage your assets continuously.

In case of unauthorised movement or theft, immediate alerts enable quick action to recover the stolen equipment. Additionally, you can create virtual boundaries to set up geofence features, where alerts are triggered if machinery moves outside designated areas.

Benefits of mini digger tracking

Boost security levels

GPS trackers deter theft and improve the chances of recovering stolen diggers and excavators. This protects your investments are gives you peace of mind.

Real-time monitoring

With tracking software, you receive real-time updates on the location of your equipment. As a result, you always know where your diggers and excavators are located.

Optimised utilisation

Track usage patterns to check your machinery is used effectively. Deployment is optimised, while unnecessary wear and tear is reduced.

Maintenance management

The use of tracking data allows you to schedule preventative maintenance. Along with minimising the risk of breakdowns, it extends the lifespan of your equipment.

Insurance benefits

When you demonstrate the use of GPS tracking – which is known for reducing the risk of theft and enhancing recovery chances – it helps to lower insurance premiums.

Operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency with detailed insights into asset locations and usage. It means your equipment is always ready and available when needed.

Stolen recovery service for diggers and excavators

Our stolen recovery service supplies exceptional support for diggers and excavators, boasting a 95% recovery success rate. While theft numbers are reduced in general when using trackers, we’re prepared in case it occurs. Our Thatcham-approved system enables swift, safe retrieval of stolen assets. This is supported by our dedicated Investigations Unit working closely with law enforcement, where real-time location data is offered to facilitate legal recovery.

This expert service protects your valuable equipment, minimises financial losses, and achieves business continuity.

Stolen digger found by Police

Our software for diggers and excavators

Our Kinesis software makes asset tracking simple and efficient. User-friendly and accessible online via any applicable device, this platform offers comprehensive features – including real-time location monitoring, utilisation reports, and maintenance scheduling. Add in customisable alerts and dashboards, and you can easily track the status of your diggers and excavators.

The software’s intuitive interface gives you quick access to critical information, which enhances decision-making and operational efficiency. It doesn’t matter if you’re managing a single machine or an entire fleet – our software can allow you to optimise asset management.

A yellow digger removing dirt

Our digger and excavator tracking devices

Radius GPS tracking devices for diggers and excavators are versatile, reliable, and compact. Powered by internal batteries, forget about the requirement for an external power source. You can simply install in any suitable place on your equipment – ideal for concealing. These devices also utilise the latest GPS technology for precise, real-time location data that allows for continuous monitoring of your assets.

With our tracking devices, you can effectively monitor your assets and enhance the overall management of your valuable machinery.

Installation process

Installing our GPS tracking devices on diggers and excavators is a straightforward process, one that requires no professional assistance. Due to the compact and battery-powered design of our devices, this allows for them to be easily attached and concealed. Once installed in a discreet location on the equipment, simply activate the device and integrate it with our Kinesis software.

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