Self-install telematics devices

Self-install telematics devices from Radius offer cost-effective, easy-to-install solutions for fleet management. Learn how these devices work in our guide.

What is a self-install telematics device?

A sell-install telematics device is a user-friendly tracking device, one that can be installed by the vehicle owner or fleet manager without professional assistance. These devices connect directly to the vehicle, collecting valuable data such as location, speed, and driving behaviour.

At Radius, we offer various self-install telematics – from the Atom to Neon devices – that cater to different needs. These are built for ease, ensuring a quick, straightforward installation process which typically takes no more than 20 minutes per vehicle.

Benefits of self-install telematics devices

A convenient solution

Installing telematics devices without professional assistance is highly convenient. With easy-to-follow instructions, fleet managers can quickly set up the devices at their own pace, minimising vehicle downtime.

Cost savings

With a self-install telematics box, this eliminates the need for professional installation fees. By reducing upfront costs, your business can add this technology at a reduced overall price.

Extra layer of flexibility

Self-install options provide flexibility in device placement and transfer. Fleet managers can easily move devices between vehicles as needed. This optimises the use of telematics across the entire fleet.


Self-install telematics devices are a scalable option. Whether managing a small or large fleet, these devices can easily be added – or removed – based on the fleet’s changing needs.

Gain real-time data

Telematics devices offer real-time data on vehicle performance and driver behaviour. This information access allows you to make informed decisions immediately, improving efficiency and safety standards.

Boost to safety levels

Sell-install telematics, by monitoring driver behaviour, promote safer driving practices. Alerts for the likes of harsh braking and speeding help reduce accidents and enhance driver safety.

How to install a telematics device

When learning how to fit a telematics box, you’ll find that our devices offer a straightforward installation process. In fact, it should take no more than 20 minutes per vehicle.

We offer a variety of device types, each with its specific installation method. Full instructions and a how-to video are provided for a smooth process. Simply follow the step-by-step guide included with your device to attach it securely to your vehicle. Even those without technical expertise can perform the installation successfully.

Where to install a telematics device

If you are thinking of installing a telematics device, then here is an idea of where our telematics boxes fitted.


Radius telematics boxes fitted via the OBD port are located under the dashboard. These devices plug into the vehicle’s onboard diagnostics system, delivering comprehensive data on vehicle health and performance.

Telematics Hardware

Battery-mounted device

When fitting telematics box this way, it’s directly attached to the vehicle’s battery. This ensures a stable power source, allowing the device to monitor and report on various vehicle metrics.

Neon Tracker

Magnetic asset tracker

Magnetic asset trackers can be attached to any metal surface of the vehicle or equipment. These devices, flexible and easy to use, are ideal for temporary installations and asset tracking, or swapping from one asset to another easily, if you want to rotate your tracker between different vehicles or equipment.

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