Refrigerated trailer temperature monitoring with telematics

Accurate temperature tracking with telematics

Advanced temperature monitoring technology

Real-time monitoring, alert notifications, and detailed reporting

How our telematics systems help trailer temperature monitoring

Our Kinesis telematics system offers versatile temperature monitoring for food companies transporting cold or frozen goods. By integrating with trailer temperature sensors, Kinesis supports compliance with stringent food safety regulations – like HACCP – to maintain required temperature ranges throughout transportation.

With our trailer temperature monitoring system, you gain additional features like real-time alerts and data logging to help prevent spoilage and maintain product integrity. With our comprehensive monitoring solutions in place, it delivers peace of mind and reduces the risk of costly fines or recalls.

Temperature monitoring devices from Radius

The Radius temperature monitoring device utilises advanced Bluetooth technology to achieve accurate, reliable temperature tracking within refrigerated trailers. The device also integrates seamlessly with our Kinesis software, providing real-time temperature data and alerts.

Easy to install and maintain, the Bluetooth sensors deliver a wireless solution for continuous temperature monitoring. This is invaluable for truck temperature monitoring, as temperature-sensitive cargo – such as perishable food items – is consistently maintained within the required temperature range. Along with preventing spoilage, it ensures compliance with industry standards.

Benefits of using telematics for trailer temperature monitoring

Remain compliant

By consistently maintaining required temperature ranges, telematics helps your business to adhere to regulatory standards – and avoid potential penalties.

Real-time alerts

With refrigerated truck temperature monitoring, you gain instant notifications of any temperature deviations. Immediate corrective actions are then possible, preventing spoilage and maintaining product quality.

Greater levels of efficiency

Monitoring systems streamline the tracking process. As a result, it reduces manual checks and enables better resource allocation, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

Cost savings

As you prevent spoilage and minimise the risk of fines, telematics assists in reducing losses. The result: significant cost savings for your business.

Data analysis

Historical telematics temperature monitoring data can be utilised for analysis. It can identify patterns and potential issues, which ultimately improves future logistics planning and operational strategies.

Customer satisfaction

The delivery of fresh, safe products naturally enhances trust and satisfaction, which in turn strengthens your reputation and customer loyalty.

Software that perfectly compliments our temperature monitoring devices

Our advanced Kinesis telematics software supplies comprehensive oversight of temperature-sensitive cargo. For full visibility of trailer conditions, it uses real-time monitoring, alert notifications, and detailed reporting. This is all housed within a user-friendly platform, one that allows fleet managers to do everything from generate compliance reports to set custom alerts with ease.

When combined with our Bluetooth temperature monitoring devices, the software guarantees all data is accurately captured and analysed. This helps your business maintain product quality, reduce waste, and boost efficiency levels. Everything you need to keep your business on track and doing well.

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