Dash cameras for your commercial car fleet

Educate and improve driving behaviour

Protect against false insurance claims

High quality HD footage

Installing a dashcam to the front windscreen of a vehicle

How car dash cams can benefit your business

A commercial dash cam is more than simply a device for recording the road ahead. There are numerous benefits that can enhance your business across the board.

Improve driver safety

Car dash cams monitor and improve driver behaviour by recording every trip. This reduces unsafe driving practices, leading to fewer accidents and cultivating a safer driving environment for your employees.

Lower your insurance costs

Insurance for your business is not cheap. However, with high-quality dash cam footage – which delivers clear evidence of accidents or incidents – this can significantly reduce insurance plans for your fleet.

Upgrade fleet management

With real-time access to dash cam footage, you can effectively oversee vehicle use, optimise routes, and maintain compliance with company policies. This reduces costs and improves overall business efficiency.

Put a stop to fraud

Due to the indisputable video evidence produced, car dash cams protect your business from fraudulent claims by recording events in real time. This quickly debunks these claims and saves your company both time and money.

Utilise car dash cams as part of your fleet management

Integrating dash cams for cars into your fleet management strategy presents significant advantages for businesses. Fleet managers gain real-time insights into vehicle usage and driver behaviour, all of which enables proactive measures to improve safety and efficiency. For instance, high-quality footage aids in the likes of training drivers and resolving disputes.

With the ability to remotely access and review footage, managing your fleet also becomes more streamlined and effective. Fleet operations are optimised – and your business can achieve greater overall performance.

HD quality camera footage

Our commercial dash cams supply you with crystal clear HD footage. Ultimately, you need cameras that capture details with clarity. This is crucial for identifying important details such as licence plates and road signs, details that make it easier to resolve disputes and claims.

That type of clarity is exactly what you gain with our dash cams. These cameras perform exceptionally well in various lighting conditions and weather scenarios. The result: every detail is captured with fantastic accuracy.

Key benefits of dash cams for company cars

Our car vehicle camera solutions offer a range of features to support effective fleet management and business operations.

Accident documentation: Dash cams for cars give you the ability to capture detailed footage of incidents. This form of accident documentation provides clear evidence to resolve disputes and expedite insurance claims.

Monitor the behaviour of drivers: Dash cams offer added detail in tracking and analysing the habits of your drivers. This data can be used for training and to promote safer driving practices.

Real-time access: With our Kinesis platform, remotely access live and recorded footage. This efficiency means you can better manage your fleet.

Save money: A dash cam assists with lowering insurance premiums. The optimisation of vehicle usage also reduces operational costs – both of which significantly support cost savings.

Be compliant: Thanks to accurate, comprehensive video documentation, your business can better adhere to legal and regulatory requirements.

Upgraded security: Visible dash cams are known to deter theft and vandalism attempts. Furthermore, recorded footage can also assist in quickly recovering stolen vehicles.

Accessing car dash cam footage with Kinesis

With our user-friendly Kinesis platform, you can access dash cam footage with ease. All footage can be remotely downloaded and viewed on any device, whether it’s a desktop computer or smartphone. This gives fleet managers the freedom to monitor and review video evidence from essentially anywhere.

The Kinesis platform also integrates this dash cam footage with vehicle tracking data. This integration assists with everything from analysing driving behaviour to enhancing overall fleet management.

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